Yesterday there was a rally sponsored by Northwest Indiana Patriots (NWIP) at the office of the NON-representative Pete Visclosky.

The weather was cold windy and at times sleet pelted the patriots as they braved Mother Nature.  Approximately 50+   turned out for the protest.  We arrived at around 10:50am and immediately bundled up and hit the street. By 11:15, Broadway in front of Pete’s office was lined with flags. Countless (meanings 100′s) thumbs-up signs from passing motorists, accompanied with horns hooking NO to OBAMACARE, which helped warm up the patriots as they voiced opposition against the tyranny of the federal government. Every person was in good cheer, sharing gloves, extra coats, signs and flags; along with excellent dialogue regarding the country, it was pure patriotism.

More pics and further thoughts at break:

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Al Gore… Meet the Protesters

Posted by courage On November - 15 - 2009


During a speech based on his wildly factious movie, Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore finds protesters outside who are not “all square” with his pseudoscience on climate change.

As one protester points out in the interview, “following the money.”  Indeed follow the money, Gore has become a multi-millionaire through his efforts to sound an alarm over “climate change.”  Oh wait those words have been scrubbed since it can definitely be said that the climate does change, Orwellian speak is now “environmental justice.”  For additional information on this bad science see links on toolbar for Cap and Trade.

Now back to the money..

From Newsbusters:

In fact, just two months ago, ABC estimated soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s net worth at $100 million, which isn’t bad considering that he was supposedly worth about $1 million when he watched George W. Bush get sworn in as president in January 2001.

Talk about your get-rich-quick schemes, how’d you like to increase your net worth 10,000 percent in less than seven years?

Fortunately for the world’s foremost warm-monger -….

Yes and even more recently, from The Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON — A tiny car company backed by former Vice President Al Gore has just gotten a $529 million U.S. government loan to help build a hybrid sports car in Finland that will sell for about $89,000. (emphasis mine)

I’m still trying to figure out why we are lending money to a foreign car company when we already own two.

Clip of the protest can be found here on this link at BreitBar TV.

At the end the reporter makes what sounds as though it is an altruistic motion by Gore and the funds raised by the event.  She told everyone that the money raised from the event goes to the “Non-profit Alliance for Climate Protection fund.”  Now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and cozy, knowing our former VP is donating all this money he raised?  Curious as I am, I checked out the Alliance for Climate .  Surprise, surprise… when I went to the site I was met by a humongous picture of a pale Al Gore.  Digging further on the organization I found this:

The Alliance for Climate Protection is an organization founded in the United States in 2006 aiming to “persuade people of the importance, urgency and feasibility of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis”.[1] The founder and current chairman of the alliance is former US Vice President Al Gore.[1]

And what does his organization promote… the very tenets that make up the Cap and Trade legislation which passed the House.  Just saying as founder and chairman I somehow think that old Al gets a hunk of that money in way of salary, transportation on private green flying machine he travels in and from all appearance gets his meals paid for also.


Posted by courage On November - 2 - 2009


YouTube Preview Image

Dear Fellow American Patriots:

For what already seems like an eternity, we have been waging a war against the deception in Washington from our elected officials. They are quick to cite half-truths and at times blatant lies to ease the unrest of our souls. When these false statements fail to stifle our passion, they have resorted to name calling in attempts to silence the voices which cherish liberty and freedom.

The bottom line is we are now in the final countdown.

The entire House will vote on a health care bill this week, as early as Thursday afternoon.

For months we have all been working feverishly to make sure that government run health care legislation is not passed. We have done it all:

We’ve yelled.

We’ve called.

We’ve emailed.

We’ve written.

We’ve rallied.

We’ve even marched on the Capitol.

Still our cries and concerns have not been heard.

We have cried tears of despair and shouted in frustration, but still many are not listening.

We know you all are so very tired. We know that each of you work tirelessly each and everyday, trying to do your part, to make a difference.  Each of you has done a great job at speaking your hearts.

Some are calling for more angry protests, even storming the Capitol, but let’s not give the media another chance to falsely portray us as an unruly mob.


On Thursday, November 5th, Representative Michele Bachman (MN) will stand on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. She will be joined by other Members of Congress and many Patriots from across this country.  People will be traveling from coast to coast, to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Patriots in Washington this week.

We know most of you can’t get to Washington again so soon…..

So let’s join Representative Bachman and other Patriots by turning out at State Capitols and Congressional district offices across the country.

Instead of yelling or protesting, let’s sing “God Bless America” at 12:30 pm EST at every location across the country.  Let’s send a message that says “WE STAND TOGETHER!”


1.  GO TO U.S. CAPITOL at 12 noon EST

If you can make it to D.C., stand up with the other patriots who will be standing with Representative Bachman.

At 12:30, everyone will sing “God Bless America.”

After singing with Patriots from across this country, deliver handwritten letters to the Representatives telling them to VOTE NO on government controlled health care.


At 12:30 pm EST, at the exact same time around the country, in Washington, D.C. and at your local Congressional offices, join together and sing “God Bless America.”

After singing with Patriots from across this country, deliver handwritten letters to the Representatives telling them to VOTE NO on government controlled health care.

3.  GO TO STATE CAPITOL at 12 noon EST

At 12:30 pm EST, at the exact same time around the country, in Washington, D.C. and at your local Congressional offices, join together and sing “God Bless America.”

4.Twitter “We Stand Together” and use hashtag #killbill at 12:15pm.

You can update your location and progress throughout the day using Twitter hashtag #killbill.  Please send us your videos and pictures.  There will be live broadcasting of some events throughout the day.

5. Call the White House (202.456.1414) at 1:00pm

Tell the White House “We Stand Together.”

6.  Call your local Congressional office at 1:15 pm.

You can find the number  or you can dial the Washington, D.C. Congressional switchboard (202.224.3121) to contact the DC office.

7. Email your Representative at 1:30 pm.

Write your Rep here

If you are working, stop after work at your Representatives local office and hand deliver your message…

The important thing is to…

Let Your Voice Be Heard !

Patriots Call To Pens… New Features

Posted by courage On October - 31 - 2009


Okay, I get it.  Some feel uncomfortable writing letters..  trust me I get it.  Look at the very top of the tool bar, you will see a link which says  “Sample Letters.”    Roll your mouse over this area and you will see various sample letters which you can copy and paste in to either an email or word document to your elected officials.

I offer these as a courtesy to readers.  These letters are free use property to all patriots, use part of a letter or use the entire thing.. I don’t care… what I do care about is you taking a brief few minutes of your time and contacting your elected officials.

In fact, if you have a letter you have written and would like to offer it to readers here.. you can either copy and paste the letter in the comment section of this post or send it along in the second new feature the contact link also on the very top tool bar.

The time is NOW to make your voices heard!

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775

Brief excerpts from the  sample letters:

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… 912 DC

Posted by courage On September - 22 - 2009

912 march aerial view

Day of the rally… 9/12/09

Looking down Penn Ave SundayDay after the rally… 9/13/09

After Obama Inaugaration After  President Obama’s inauguration in January.

after the March on DCLate in the day, after the 9/12 DC rally.

Trash After RallyGarbage cans were overflowing with debris. Patriots who attended the rally cleaned up after themselves.

Inside MetroInside the Metro, riding to 912 rally.

Sunday Metro InteriorThe Metro 9/13, riding in to DC to sight see.

White House

White House GroundsUndercover journalist, at the White House, looking for ACORNS.

DC acorn

Congressional Black Caucus calls “racism”

Posted by courage On September - 16 - 2009

During the House hearing for Representative Joe Wilson, the Congressional Black Caucus suggested:

“…that a failure to rebuke the South Carolina Republican would be tantamount to supporting the most blatant form of organized racism in American history.”

For disagreeing with Presidential policy?  Okay, granted there is a level of decorum when the President addresses joint sessions of Congress.  The respect offered is meant to show the highest esteem for the office of the Presidency.  So yes, I agree that according to Jeffersonian Rules which cover decorum afforded the President, Representative Wilson was wrong, yet can I remind the Left since they seem to have some short-term memory issues… Congressman Wilson apologized directly to the President before the end of the evening and that the President accepted his apology.  This should be the end of the story.. but NOOOOOO…

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912 DC Rally Attendance … UPDATED @ END… WOW !

Posted by courage On September - 16 - 2009

There is dispute as to how many Patriots attended the March on Washington, 9-12-09.  Ranges can be found on the net from 60,000 to over a million.

In 1995, the National Park Service quit estimating crowds for events.  I guess Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam had some disagreements when the Park Service estimated only 400,000 in attendance for the Million Man March.

So here we are today, with the mainstream media purposefully underestimating and minimizing the event.  Plus we have Senior Adviser axelbutt Axelrod stating on Sunday:

“I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood,” Axelrod said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong.”

Latest Rasmussen Poll on Health Care

Obama had a short-term positive bump in polling numbers following his “you lie” speech last week.  Today polls have fallen back to pre-lie speech levels, with 52% of all voters nationwide opposing the plan.

Can I now say… YOU BOTH LIE !

Ahh, it’s one of those “inconvenient truth” moments, because I have read the entire bill.  This would probably shock my unRepresentative Visclosky, since he has publicly stated he only reads the “pertinent parts.”  How he knows which sections to read is beyond me, I’m thinking he takes he cues from moveon thugs and seiu goons, which he seems awful cozy with.

So  an official number by the National Park Service seems out of the question.  Scouring the net for clues to attendance numbers, I found something I found interesting:

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Congress is Back in Session…

Posted by courage On September - 9 - 2009

and they are glad!  They learned summer recess is not always fun and games; every once in awhile their constituents have something to say.

YouTube Preview Image

These are true patriots!  They have taken time away from family, friends and life to question their paid servants (aka Senators and Congresspersons), to voice legitimate concerns regarding health care “reform” which threatens to fundamentally redefine health care in the United States.

Instead of listening with keen ears to these concerns, the political elite dismiss, insult and attempt to bully this grassroots effort.

YouTube Preview Image

Sure like anyone with one kernel of sense believes anything Nancy has to say.  As with many of the town hall meeting throughout the summer, our arrogant elected officials have no patience in hearing the voice of the poeple they are elected to represent.

YouTube Preview Image

The recess may be over and Congressional Reps may be feeling snug back in their contained bubble of Washington, where they feel supreme in their position.

But a tide is rolling in to the capital.. a wave of patriots will soon fill the streets and once more make their presence known.  We The People are Coming…

YouTube Preview Image

We will be joining these concerned citizens.. if you cannot attend, I urge you to write, call, fax or email you Reps sometime this week.  Let these arrogant servants of the people know that while you may not be in Washington physically, your heart and spirit rests with those marching on Saturday.

Starting on Thursday night, we will be updating with thoughts and pictures from our journey to Washington.