Flashback 2009: Corp Tax Breaks for Jets

Posted by courage On June - 30 - 2011

Truth is a strange thing.  Need I remind anyone who controlled Congress and signed into law the Stimulus package?

From the Washington Examiner:

During President Obama’s press conference today, he scolded Republicans for demanding tax cuts for corporate jets.

From the Associated Press in 2009:

Just a few months after lawmakers scolded auto executives for flying to Washington in private jets, Congress approved a tax break in the stimulus package to help businesses buy their own planes.

The incentive — first used to help plane makers recover from the 2001 terror attacks — sharply reduces the up front tax bill for companies who buy assets like business planes.

Ace of Spades has an appropriated titled post “Obama’s Absolutely Unbelievable Press Conference” to read a further breakdown on the political posturing of Obama during his press conference.

Congressman Boehner: Dem’s face a Creditability Gap

Posted by courage On April - 27 - 2010

Congressman Boehner ticks off earlier credibility issues with passed legislation by the manic “look there’s a fire”  Democrats which reportedly would do one thing yet fails to meet even a minimum standard of achieving acceptability.

~ The Stimulus package hyped as creating jobs and keeping unemployment below 8%.. failed on both accounts.

~  The war of the deficit, while passing pay-go, they exempt every piece of legislation from fiscal solvency and  continue to increase the debt.

~ The trillion dollar take-over of the health care system with promises it would lower costs and reduce the country’s debt, lies, written about here.

And now the financial reform bill, the Congressman doesn’t go far enough in spelling out how this bill will further insert the federal government in to the corporate structure of private companies.  Who gets to make the decisions about the feds stepping in?  Two people.. the pResident and little Timmy from the Treasury.  Is there any recourse to prevent the hostile takeover by the feds.. nope,  the corporation cannot even appeal the government’s decision in a court of law.

Let’s hear from Congressman Boehner:

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Shrinking U.S. Labor Force Keeps Unemployment Rate From Rising

Posted by courage On January - 10 - 2010

Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — An exodus of discouraged workers from the job market kept the U.S. unemployment rate from climbing above 10 percent in December, economists said.

Had the labor force not decreased by 661,000 last month, the jobless rate would have been 10.4 percent, according to economists including David Rosenberg at Gluskin Sheff & Associates in Toronto and Harm Bandholz at UniCredit Research in New York.

The decrease in the labor force is a result of workers opting out of the unemployment system; frustrated with what is viewed as a poor labor market, individuals are giving up their search to find work.

“The actual unemployment rate is higher than shown by the official numbers,” Bandholz said yesterday after a Labor Department report released in Washington showed the economy unexpectedly lost 85,000 jobs in December while the jobless rate was unchanged.(emphasis mine)

About 1.7 million Americans opted out of the workforce from July through December, representing a 1.1 percent drop that marks the biggest six-month decrease since 1961, the Labor Department report showed. The share of the population in the labor force last month fell to the lowest level in 24 years.

December’s 10 percent unemployment rate matched the median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. It was shy of the 26-year high of 10.1 percent reached two months earlier.

The so-called underemployment rate — which includes part- time workers who’d prefer a full-time position and people who want work but have given up looking — rose to 17.3 percent in December from 17.2 percent.(emphasis mine)

The underemployment rate is a statistic our elected officials do not want to talk about because it vividly shows the bleak underbelly of the financial problems in the country.  Businesses are not expanding, in fact they are contracting because of the uncertainty surrounding legislation in Washington.  What business owner would expand their employee base when the horizon points to increased tax burden on their business, such as the payroll health care tax?  Business owners also know, the piper must be paid for the fiscal irresponsibility in Washington and Democrats, who currently control the Congress, always place businesses in the cross-hairs when looking to tax.

The number of discouraged workers, those not looking for work because they believe none is available, climbed to 929,000 last month, the most since records began in 1994.

Yes, the American people are discouraged.  Is it any wonder that only 32% of eligible voters feel confident that Congress represents their best interest?

MonopolyManThis should concern every patriotic American.  From CNS News:

Capitol Hill (CNSNews.com) – While Congress has voted to raise the national debt ceiling to $12.4 trillion, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has reported that the federal government’s unfunded liabilities – the costs of promised benefits through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and several other programs – total $62.9 trillion in today’s dollars.

When asked about these costs and the government’s entitlement promises to the American people, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) told CNSNews.com that it is “irresponsible” for the federal government to continue to spend money it does not have and that this issue will be the “most important thing” Congress will discuss next year.

I said on the floor last night, American families can’t spend more than what they bring in for 36 of the last 40 years,” Boehner told CNSNews.com at his weekly briefing. “No business in America can exist that spends more than it brings in for 36 of the last 40 years, and certainly, our government can’t continue to exist if we continue to spend money that we don’t have.”

“This is irresponsible,” he said. “There needs to be a plan put in place that will bring our budget under control and in the green, and we need to find a way to begin paying down the national debt.

Continually Congress has spent money like they had a private printing press in their basement.. oh wait they do!  Bailout this industry, bailout that industry.. take over health care.. cash for clunkers… where does it stop?

I have a suggestion.. the money that banks have paid back from TARP as well as the money not yet spent, lets use that as it was intended, pay down the debt.

Oh wait they have plans for that money..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she would like to tap the Troubled Asset Relief Program fund to pay for any “investments that we have in jobs.”

Listen Nancy the American public are tired of your spendaholic ways… It’s time for an intervention.. since you are acting like a spoiled child WE-THE-PEOPLE will be the parent, NO NANCY, NO MORE MONEY !

Is it 2010 YET ? !

The Financial Meltdown

Posted by courage On November - 9 - 2009

I am  tired and I am sure as are some of the readers of this blog, of the misinformation individual’s spout regarding the cause of the current meltdown.  The crisis started in the housing market, which was weakened beyond comprehension by our inept and foolish Congress.  From now on whenever someone starts to deny or misstate the problem send them here.. let them get some education and then get back to you with knowledge instead of lame, weak Democratic talking points.  Without further ado…

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