Health Care 12-7-2009

Posted by courage On December - 7 - 2009

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Dear Senator <their name>,

Yesterday the President met with the Senate Democrats in a closed-door session to discuss health care reform.   What has become of the often chanted mantra of transparency and bi-partisanship?  Why was this meeting not carried on C-Span, as the President stated during his campaign?   Every indication visible to the American public reeks of back-room deals.

  • The current plan contains ½ trillion in Medicare cuts.  This is unacceptable;  why is the Senate not proposing stand alone legislation which would immediately address the $60 billion per year in fraud and waste in Medicare?
  • The current proposal contains $400 billion in new taxes.  This is unacceptable;   how are families and small businesses, in an already challenging economy, to continue to support their families and employees as the federal government siphons additional dollars from their operating expenses?
  • The current legislation will have individual insurance premiums increase by 85%.  This is unacceptable;  does the government believe that the tax payers have an unlimited supply of resources to fund yet another government program?
  • The “reform” suggested by the Senate is in fact a take-over of 1/6th of the United States economy.  This is unacceptable;  where does the Constitution give the Senate this power?

The fact is the American public can not afford another government program funded on the backs of hard working Americans.  The fact is that the United States faces over $106 trillion already in unfunded liabilities.  The fact is that every government program operates in a deficit.

The American people understand these hard truths.  The time has come to STOP this legislation from passing.  I urge you to address specific legislation which would fix areas of health care that are broken such as: tort reform, portability of policies, the availability of buying policies across state lines and stopping the waste and fraud currently in Medicare.

In closing I will quote Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 73, March 21, 1788:

The injury which may possibly be done by defeating a few good laws, will be amply compensated by the advantage of preventing a number of bad ones.