Health Care: Rationing Mammograms

Posted by courage On November - 20 - 2009

Dear Senator <their name>,

The recent release of recommendations by the Preventative Services Task Force regarding mammography is exactly what concerned citizens have been saying about the intrusive stance government is attempting to take in our lives.  A brief six months ago, women were encouraged to have life saving early mammograms performed.   Suddenly the world has turned upside down; this task force now recommends delaying this life saving procedure until the age of 50 and has the audacity to suggest that women should not even be taught self-exam techniques.  This is insulting and underscores how federal agencies such as this are more concerned with economics, then life saving procedures.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius stated yesterday that, this task force does not determine what services are covered.  This is a bold face LIE.  Groups such as this have been elevated to the position of sole determinants of what will be covered under a government run health care plan.  You know this to be true, as do citizens who have been speaking of rationing throughout the summer.  The United States leads the world in survival rates from all forms of cancer because of the vigorous and aggressive screening that is currently recommended.

The current Senate health care “reform” bill will cost $849 billion according to the CBO.  However this does NOT include the 200+ billion in the “Dr. Fix” legislation.  This is an attempt to deceive the American public by removing parts of health care and redefining them side arrangements, which they are not.  My question is which program that the government runs has ever stayed within budget?  With 60 billion a year in known fraud from Medicare alone, why has the government not placed stopgaps to end this fraud?  Until the government can prove to the American public that it can be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money, I urge you to vote NO on this proposed take over of 1/6th of our economy.

Sincerely yours,

<your name>