Health Care: Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by courage On November - 20 - 2009

Dear Senator <their name>,

The federal deficit has just reached $12 trillion dollars and this is without the expense nationalized health care legislation would add to the mix of unfunded liabilities.  This is unacceptable to any rational person.  The time is NOW to get federal spending under control, to wait and push this debt forward to future generations would be an appalling act of negligence.  As Americans we should be focused on extending the opportunities of liberty and freedom to young Americans, not saddle them with oppressive fiscal irresponsibility which they had had no hand in creating and was initiated because current legislators did not have the character to address.

Given the estimated $1+ trillion the Senate health care bill is estimated to cost, we as a country need to stop the overreaching intrusion of the federal government and work towards making small changes which control the waste and fraud that is rooted in current government programs.

I urge you to vote NO on the Senate healthcare bill for the economic stability of this and future generations.

Sincerely yours,