Letter Re: Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by courage On October - 31 - 2009

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Dear <Senator, Congresswoman, Congressman with their name>,

I write with fear in my heart, centering on the disconnect between Washington elected officials and the voice of the people.  I join with fellow Americans in wondering IF elected officials understand the concern my friends and I have over the increase in federal spending.  The deficit has become a run-away train destined to destroy the economic system of the United States.

I am sure you understand living within ones means; average citizens understand this concept all to well.  We are forced to make difficult choices daily with the understanding that today’s choices affect tomorrow’s opportunities.  We understand that using one credit card to pay another monthly credit card bill is not wise or fiscally responsible.  We understand that while we may really, really want a new computer, television or car IF we cannot afford it we are threatening the financial well-being of our family.

A recent Rasmussen survey found that 62% of voters believe the country is headed down the wrong path.  I urge you to take a step back and think of your responsibility as that of the head of a large household, with the members being your state constituents. Although you may really, really want something (health care legislation, cap and trade, or a Value Added Tax) can we as a nation honestly afford these things?  Are you willing to “bet the farm” on legislation which we both know will in all likelihood, double in cost at the end of the day?  You and I both know that all government programs exceed their stated costs.  How can you as head of a family encourage irresponsible behavior?  There is a time to say “NO,” and that time is NOW.  We as a nation cannot continue borrowing with reckless abandon.  Currently each taxpayer of this country owes over $109,000 with a total United States debt of almost $12 trillion dollars.  If we as a nation do not say NO at this point, when will we say NO?  I urge you to stand, be strong, forsake partisan politics and speak out against the obscene arrogance of fiscal irresponsibility.  NOW is the time not for politicians, whose only concern is the next election; rather we need statesmen, who concern resides with future generations.  I ask you, which side will you stand on?

Sincerely yours,


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