Health Care Letter: Core Values of Americans

Posted by courage On October - 31 - 2009

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Dear <Senator, Congresswoman, Congressman with their name>,

The primary debate regarding the overhaul of the health care system has centered on the financial cost of the various plans.  There is no doubt that the financial liability to Americans in this re-definition is of vital importance; the bigger picture though rests on how the proposals will negatively erode fundamental and core values of this great country.

The present legislation strips the ability of Americans to freely choose the health care plan which the citizen feels best suits their individual needs; limited are the choice of doctors, what procedures the doctors may elect to perform, what drugs the individual can access and the treatment options they can have.  By severely narrowing free choice, the government inserts itself between the American seeking health care and their chosen doctor.  The freedom to make decisions regarding personal matters is at the core of this Republic.  Private insurance cannot compete with a government subsidized plan; in essence government will drive private insurers out of the market.  Stifling free enterprise and economic growth through private industry, the government option threats to destroy the core principles of personal choice.

In seeking to curtail the cost of health care for the American people, honest deregulation allowing for across state line purchase of policies is essential. The current prohibitive nature of insurance regulation does not allow for competition from out-of-state carriers, with free market competition being the one tried and true method to contain costs and choice.

The purposed legislation discourages innovation.  While claiming cost control, the current free market system allows the United States to be a leader in pioneering of the greatest medical advances seem in generations.  The legislation as it stands would institute government mandates, some of which would discourage not only innovation of new medical treatments but would deter those with exceptional promise from entering the field.  These are brightest among us who would usher in not only exceptional care but new technology will be hindered by limited opportunity to earn income.  The United States was built of a foundation which allowed individuals to earn income according to their ambition and worth to society; the present bills dissolve this basic free market belief and in-turn creates a society which disdains excellence and punishes ambition.  How does this benefit America?

Senator Reid and his office have made numerous statements to subvert the deliberative process which you have been entrusted with by your constituents.  The use of closure and reconciliation as a means to push through this legislation should not be utilized.  The restructuring of 1/6th of the United States economy should not be subject to parlor tricks, while legal these methods were never intended to circumvent the legislative process on such an important  issue as health care.  Should either of these methods be utilized it will demonstrate the disdain and arrogance elected officials have for the citizens and the core values of this great country.

The cornerstone of the proposed legislation is increased bureaucratic oversight; which when viewed through past government controlled programs demonstrates waste, fraud and abuse of services.  The question becomes, do you support increased government control and the erosion of personal choice or the fundamental values which have allowed the country to flourish under a capitalistic system?

Sincerely yours,


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