Senator Evan Bayh: Numbers Spell TROUBLE in 2010

Posted by courage On January - 25 - 2010

Recently Senator Bayh  stated his internal polling leave him unconcerned regarding his re-election bid in 2010.

A comment from Byah in a recent Bloomberg article:

“It’s a more challenging environment for every incumbent,” and “probably more for Democrats than Republicans,” Bayh said. “But the reports of my poll numbers having declined are not accurate. I can tell you that from direct knowledge.”

Well, Bayh may want to check his data; if these polling numbers come from the same method he used to determine his vote on health care.. he’s toast come November.  New poll numbers from Rasmussen paint a very different picture.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is another Democratic incumbent who could find himself in a tough reelection battle this fall. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state finds that Bayh attracts support from just 44% or 45% of voters when matched against his top potential Republican challengers.

Congressman Mike Pence is reportedly considering running against Bayh. At this time, he attracts 47% of the vote while Bayh picks up 44%.

A former Republican congressman, John Hostettler, has already indicated he will challenge Bayh. In that match-up, it’s Bayh with a three-point edge, 44% to 41%.

Freshman State Senator Marlin Stutzman has announced that he is in the race. He trails the incumbent by 12 points, 45% to 33%.

Any incumbent who attracts less than 50% support at this point in a campaign is considered potentially vulnerable. However, incumbents have many advantages in a campaign, and Bayh has already raised a large amount of cash for his campaign.

As in many other states, there is a strong correlation between support for the congressional health care plan and voting behavior. Just 37% of Indiana voters favor the plan, while 60% oppose it. Those figures are similar to the national average and include 16% who Strongly Favor the plan and 48% who are Strongly Opposed.(emphasis mine)

Senator Bayh IGNORED the concerns of his constituents in Indiana, he did more than just vote for ObamaCare; he was instrumental in urging wavering Democrats to vote in favor of the legislation.  His comments after a closed door meeting displayed an egostical juvenile glee. (here)  This is not the actions of a Statesman who is concerned about the future of his constituents but rather a politician who is beholding to special interests and places his party over the people he represents.

Yes Senator Bayh, there is trouble on the horizon; dark ominous clouds hang over the trust the people of Indiana placed in you.  The numerous canned emails you spend about “fiscal responsibility” ring hollow and  are void of honest concern.  You whisper in our ears about how as a country we need to reign in spending yet voted in favor of:  Ominubus spending, the stimulus package, cash for clunkers and its increased funding, Congressional pay raises and regulating tobacco, along with its tax increase.  These communications are nothing but a parlor trick, meant to deceive the people.  But as you have seen in Massachusetts, the people have awoken and your days as an elected official may soon be over.

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