SEIU Illegal Voter Fraud in Fresno.. Homecare Workers

Posted by courage On November - 16 - 2009

From the National Union of Healthcare Workers:

Among the illegal tactics reported:

  • SEIU staff tampered with workers’ ballots, by voiding the ballots of workers who marked their ballot for NUHW, and by collecting ballots directly from workers’ mailboxes.
  • Senior SEIU officials instructed staff to handle ballots in violation of election rule, and advised staff on how to do so in a way that was legally deniable.
  • SEIU organizers threatened Latino caregivers that SEIU would “call immigration” and have them deported in retaliation unless they voted for SEIU.
  • SEIU officials instructed staff to threaten and lie to voters that they would lose their  wages, their health insurance, and even their jobs unless they voted for SEIU.

This underscores the very reasons why I believe The Employee Free Choice should never pass.  Read my article on this legislation here.

Unions care only about their membership numbers, centering on the amount they can receive from monthly dues and mandatory pension  contributions.  If the Employee Free Choice Act should ever pass the Senate, those now free to make choices will find themselves under the weight of these corrupt organizations.

For further info on SEIU and their push to force individuals on to their member rolls see:

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