Recognizing EVIL… House Call to Visclosky’s Office

Posted by courage On November - 7 - 2009

Update at End of Post.. Call your House members TODAY !

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On Thursday, as part of a National House Call, I visited my federal representative’s office after work.. the Dishonorable and reading impaired Peter Visclosky.  Little did I know that I would walk in to an episode of the Twilight Zone, where the expected becomes twisted, reality becomes the skewed and such is the state of our Republic.

I walked in to the office, with letter in hand, a buzzer sounded.  Behind the desk, an empty chair seemed out-of-place and reminiscent of the void in logical thinking which seems the norm these days at the Capital.    A woman walks from the back room with an unemotional stare; she slides behind the desk, grabbing a piece of paper and asks my name.

I inform her I wanted to drop off a letter for the Congressman regarding the Health Care bill and wanted to hand deliver the letter to see an actual person.

“Has the Congressman decided yet how he will vote on the bill,” I ask.  She ignores the question and tells me that she will make sure the Congressman receives my letter.  She stands and walks across the room to another desk.  Another Visclosky aide emerges from the mysterious back room; I ask him if the Congressman has made a decision on how he will vote on the Health Care bill.  He tells me, “No, not yet.”

“Has the Congressman read the bill?”

“No, he hasn’t,” he replies.

“How can he make a decision…”  I am cut-off  with..

“The bill is complex, only special people can understand what is says,” he says.

“I’ve read the bill,”  I inform him.

“You read the entire bill, the one out on Thursday?”  he asks.

“I read the entire bill back in July and since have read through various sections of the amendments,”  I reply.

Again he stresses this time with aggression, “only special people can understand the bill, it references numerous codes which you must know to understand. You have to be a lawyer and have special training to understand…”

Admittedly I’m now feeling frustrated; this  individual is either calling me a liar in stating that I have not only read the bill and understand it or that I’m just too stupid and not one of the “special” people.

“I’m not looking to argue the bill with you,” I tell him calmly.

“I’m not looking to argue either.”

“..the codes are used so that the bill is shorter.” He adds.

Yea dope, it’s called being parsimonious.

“Well they haven’t accomplished that, the bill has exploded to twice its original size,” I pointed out.

As he turned to walk back down the mysterious corridor and chuckled with an audible “ha.”

In my car driving home, I thought about how disconnected the Washington elite are from the average citizen.  How my attempts to voice opinions are scorned, ridiculed and pushed aside like the some ignorant bumpkin.  If only “special people” can understand the bill and apparently Visclosky isn’t one of those special people since he has NOT and will NOT read it.. who are the “special people”  writing these bills?  What dark malignant force is creating bills which serve to undermine the freedoms and choices of the American people?

As I contemplate this event over the last two days, I have come to realize that without knowing it, this aide has supplied a key aspect of the shameless elitism in Congress…  they do not care what is in the bill.. they will not even make an effort to read the bill because it is beyond their comprehension… but someone in the damp dreary dungeons of Washington are creating these bills and they have evil intent.  The Congresscritters are in collusion with the evil, through their own admitted ignorance they have signed a pact with the devil; and we the American people will give the blood of our work and sovereignty as they mandate this evil on us.

The letter I delivered on this day can be found HERE


Just made a call to Visclosky’s office in DC.  For months I have asked how the Congressman is going to vote on the health care bill.  For months I have received non-committal responses from various aides.  Just now after pressing, I have finally received a semi-solid response, ” he is inclined to vote for the bill, pending attached amendments.”

Gesh-e-petes.. it’s easier to get an answer from a 2-month old.    Okay.. the House will in all likelihood be voting sometime today on the bill, even IF you know that your elected Congresscritter is voting “yea”  Call them and let them know where you stand.

Here is a link to access your Representatives phone numbers.

House Info Here

Not sure what to say?  check out the sample letters on the top tool bar to get a couple of points you want to make.

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