If Not Now, WHEN?

Posted by courage On October - 18 - 2009

How many times have you been laughed at, ridiculed or been shown outright contempt simply because you have chosen to actively voice concerns regarding the direction of this great country?  How many times have you been told that writing Congress is a waste of your time?  Or that it’s hopelessly naïve to even think that one citizen’s voice has any impact on legislation?  How many times have you heard from those who are complacent regarding the fundamental principles of FREEDOM in this country, that no matter what you do, it just doesn’t matter?

At what point does malfeasance by the elected bodies that are sworn to uphold the Constitution create significant concern to propel someone to action?  What does it take to underscore the threat of our freedom and liberty to finally reach a point a point of saturation?  When does it become significantly personal to raise the internal alarm, where no amounts of irrational justification can still the growing sound?  Sadly, the tipping point of anxiety may come when it is far too late to challenge the grievances; by the time most Americans awake from the complacent slumber they embrace the United States, as well as the founding principles of this great country may be but a distant memory.

Oh yes, I have heard the grandiose talk of fighting against the government with their last breath.. spare me the melodrama and the faux call to arms because this writer is not buying your self-righteous patriotism.  Patriotism as displayed by our founding fathers,  involved years of attempted negotiations with Britain, with honor those patriots attempted to have redress of their complaints; it was only after their requests were blatantly ignored was  war declared, even with this declaration many of the founding fathers felt regret in the decision.  So what action so  grievous must occur in order for you to be a patriot and start directing your voice in dissent to a government that is plump with its own self-arrogance and narcissism?

Would you care for a potential scenario?  The government passes the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.  The legislation is passed shortly before the December 2009 United Nations Conference in Copenhagen addressing environmental justice.  This legislation sets the stage for the United States ratifying the COP treaty, Conference of the Parties.   Broad legal commitments of this treaty will be overseen by a governing body of the United Nations, with the ability to punish countries which fail to meet the obligations set forth by the United Nations.  We have essentially abdicated our sovereignty to self-governance, handing the reins of control to a ruling body that has no respect for the Constitution, freedom or liberty.

Back home, United States citizens see their home electricity prices spike by 100%.  The economic impact on American citizens extends across the broad to all commodities; as manufactures experience increased cost in processing all consumer prices rise.    With the heavy burden of increased prices, Americans who now are living pay-check-to-pay –check decide to sell their home and remove themselves from this debt.  They contact their local federal inspector to have the mandatory energy check performed, as per the American and Clean Energy Act, to assure the highest efficiency standards. After paying two hundred dollars to the federal inspector, the homeowner finds that in order to sell their house they are mandated to make over $20,000.00 in upgrades which include all new insulation, new furnace, A/C unit, dishwater, hot water heater and the list goes on…  Now the homeowner has three choices:  1.) make the mandated repairs and upgrades, which will allow them to sell; 2.) opt to not sell and find additional sources of income to off-set the increased prices; or 3.) walk away from the house, creating an  urban blight throughout towns across the country.

Health care reform legislation is passed, during the four year lag from passage to actual enactment of the bill; accolades are directed at the United States from countries around the world.   Union members are shocked to learn that the legislation considers their health care coverage to be a “Cadillac” policy and must now pay a tax on the value of that policy over a predetermined $8,000.  Companies with excess of $250,000 in total gross payroll are hit with a tax and soon find out it is more cost effective for them to pay the federal penalty for not insuring their employees than to offer health care coverage.  Across the nation companies’ drop out of employer sponsored plans, the government health care coverage explodes.  Doctor’s realize that the new government backed health care is restrictive and counter-productive in offering their patients quality health cares, 20% of all American doctors opt for early retirement.

Americans find long waits to access health care treatment.  Through the Center of Comparative Effectiveness, a cost analysis for treatment opts is conducted; treatment options are dictated according to your worth/value in society, with those over 50 years of age receiving incrementally less care.   Children are now covered under their parents health care policy until the age of 28, increasingly young adults are opting to not become gainfully employed; rather they are enlisting in the volunteer civilian army of President Obama and assist him in assuring dissent is terminated quickly and efficiently.  The methods of allegiance to President Obama began in grade school for many of these, now young adults.  They were indoctrinated to the Obama ideology through innocent songs about his greatness, encouragement to draw pictures about his divinity and the righteousness of his policies.  Today, these young adults sneak through shadows, eavesdrop on conversations and receive a government stipend to further institute the policies and insure compliance with the largest employer, the federal government.

The federal deficit is spiraling out of control to an abyss never seen in the country.  The world bodies have quit excepting United States dollars as the monetary system to gauge crude oil prices.  China, who once bought Treasury notes has long ago liquidated their position as the Federal Reserve prints money 24/7.  To shore up the economy the government decides it must continue its “spend our way out” policy with Congress passing a new round of recovery stimulus, while not calling it “stimulus,” they inject another $500 billion into the failing economy with money going to auto companies, banks, cash payments to seniors and in extensions to unemployment insurance.  To help in paying down the massive debt the nation has incurred, Congress passes a Value Added Tax (VAT.)

VAT institutes a European style tax on each step of the manufacturing process.  The prices of commodes again spikes sharply as the cost is pushed on to the consumer.  Individuals hardest hit are those employed, as they fight to keep their head above the financial tidal wave, they begin to wonder if paying over 70% of their income in combined taxes is worth the effort?  They look at the their neighbors who have given up and enrolled in government subsidies which cover  everything from food stamps, housing assistance, free health care and education.

President Obama champions Senator Lugar from Indiana for re-introducing the “Global Poverty Act,” which the two had co-sponsored while the President was a Senator.  The world rejoices as the United States commits 0.7 % of the gross national product will be given in foreign aid to fight poverty.  Sole allocator and without oversight of the monies will be entrusted to the United Nations.

I could go on in this nightmare scenario.. but what’s the point?  In case you are wondering, all scenarios above are based either on current or past legislation or whispers floated around through the halls of Congress which have been picked up by the media.

Does this time machine travel concern you?  Can you sit idly by and do nothing?  I believe that many of you are concerned Americans, perhaps you don’t know what to write or feel apprehensive placing thoughts on paper unsure your point is coming across?  The thing to remember is that the people in Congress represent us in the creation of our laws; they have sworn to uphold the Constitution and answer to us.  Their concern should not be with special interests or the identity politics of the moment.

In doing some quick research before writing this piece, I found a site which stated:  90 percent of American adults have never written a letter to a Member of Congress.  Also that for every 10 letters a Congressperson gets they consider that the voice of 10,000 constituents.  For each letter you write, that letter is weighed as though a 1,000 individuals wrote with your same opinion.  For those that think your single voice does not matter.. BULL.  The question is…  will you use your voice to the direction this country or will you allow others to speak for you? Will you sit in the shadows or will you be a patriot?  I know us patriots were over 2 million strong on September 12, 2009 in Washington, while you may not have been able to be there.. add your voice to Americans who cherish this country.


One Response to “If Not Now, WHEN?”

  1. geno says:

    You see, the problem is that those people choosing to parade “the grandiose talk of fighting against the government with their last breath” in truth are unable of making a meaningful and educated decision of their own. If they ever act, it is only after being pressed into a corner with no other option remaining. At that point, much like the opossum who has been playing dead, they MIGHT make one feeble attempt to strike back…but by that time, its just too late.

    Too often we find ourselves crippled in our efforts to battle a cause by the willfully apathetic naysayers who rally their fellow apathetic cronies to do NOTHING…but, assure them that at the PROPER time they will spring into action, dying in the streets if necessary to protect us all from the injustice that has threatened our very existence.

    They’re not going to waste time making phone calls or writing letters to congress because one letter, one person, one vote cannot make a difference. Instead they envision themselves weathering the storm because they JUST KNOW that the injustice being enacted against them will eventually fail on its own.

    There are a series of factors that sustain this brand of “accepted wisdom” the greatest being that these people are just lazy. They would rather someone else do the footwork. Another factor being that they just can’t bother themselves with attaining complete information, they want just enough to support their preconceived opinion but not enough to engage the real opposition.
    To me, the most baffling factor of their apathy is mathematical…they just can’t add pass one. They don’t understand what it is to stand along side of a cause. They’ve probably never stood for much of anything outside of their own self-centered gains. This great country was initiated by small numbers standing together to create large numbers standing together to make a difference.

    History books make no mention of those people that have decided to only run their mouths…that’s because they have made absolutely no notable difference in the world we live in.