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Posted by courage On October - 17 - 2009

H/T to One Nerve Left: Coming to a home near you… SEIU

One Nerve lays out how providers of home health care for loved ones are being forced in to join a union, read her article at the link above.  First Illinois, will Indiana follow suit?  Who knows but those that believe unions have the best interest of members at heart are sadly mistaken.  Unions have become big business; they exchange manufactured products which traditional business markets for a sliver of the rank and files toil or would that be soul?  Unions have long since quit negotiating for their members, their sole concern is the percentage of dues they can extort from each members pay monthly.  Just look at these home health care providers and see what the pay-out is to the unions.

What would the unions get for this new responsibility if the 3,000 families voted to be represented?

“They’d get 2 percent of whatever the state sends us,” Harris said. “And if I chose not to be a member, I’d still have to pay my ‘fair share.’ “

Fair share, for something these individuals, often family members of the disabled,  never asked for,.. How kind of unions <sarcasm>.  Anyone who has a loved one with challenges knows first hand how their life centers on providing as much normalcy to the individual as possible.    Why should these health care providers have to fight against union organization when their time can be better spent attending to their loved ones.  Unions do not care the additional burden placed on these health care providers, they do NOT care about the individuals who need the care… they care only about themselves.

Take an in-depth look at how SEIU operates and how they may have assisted in creating the health care “reform” boondoggle at Liberty Chick.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was instrumental by his executive order which mandated the vote for organization of these home health care providers and the disruption of their daily lives.

Isn’t this interesting: looking at the campaign contributions to the then Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn,  the  guy who replaced the disgraced Blago in Illinois,  who was his top money contributor?  AFSCEME, the second union on the ballot and who is duping it out with SEIU for control over the home health care workers.  AFSCEME, gave Quinn $54,500 and ranked as number uno on the “Top Ten Contributors” list at Follow the Money. (BTW, a great site to see who is paying who what.. in most cases for their support or for backing legislation the contributors want to see enacted.)

YouTube Preview Image

Scrolling down just a bit is the “Top 15 Industries,”  numero uno on this particular list is Public Sector Unions, a short click away and you find this. Does it surprise anyone that AFSCEME and SEIU are the main contributors?  It shouldn’t,  follow the trail of any asinine and intrusive legislation and you will find bribery campaign contributions which lead back to some organization that has bought and paid for your elected officials support/ vote.

This legislation which in essence takes away rights from the caregiver by making mandatory,  an association with either SEIU or AFSCEME is only the most recent assault on our freedoms.   Expect more violations on our civil liberties surrounding free association.  We have a community organizer in the White House, not a President.

YouTube Preview Image

Did you notice at 1:15 of this clip… “We are going to paint the nation purple with SEIU.”

No .. what you are doing is painting the country black/blue with your thuggery which now is invading homes across the country.

If you live in Illinois, I urge you to write Governor Quinn requesting he withdrawal his Executive Order.. help these home care providers in their fight to stop unions from invading their homes.

For those outside of Illinois, I urge you to write you Congress Critters and tell them NO to any and Government take-over of the heath care.  It is your voices that make a difference.

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