Posted by courage On September - 26 - 2009

Acorn InvestigatedIn the Fall, we see acorns falling from trees.  Little did we know that the epitome of corruption and disregard of common decency ACORN (Assn. of Community Organizers for Reform Now), would be taking a header in to the defunding abyss.  Or is it?

The House on last Thursday, attached a “motion to recommit ” (MTR) to The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, the measure was called the “Defund ACORN Act.”  Many reading this are probably  thinking, “It’s about time,” yet there may be a snag in shaking the acorns from the Government tree.

Since the House Republicans chose to attach  ACORN defunding to a bill which for all intended purposes, has nothing to do with the with the original bill this may pose a large problem.  See after bills pass through both the House and Senate they go to joint committee where they hammer out a final bill, which is supposed to reflect the intent of the two separate bills.. a sort of Vulcan mind-meld.. that is of course assuming they have minds.  <sigh>  Since the Student Aid bill in the Senate contains nothing regarding the defunding of ACORN, in all likelihood this aspect of the bill will throw in to the trash.  So… outside of some “feel good” bravado, this means, excuse my language .. squat.

The Senate has passed a stand alone legislation which would deny ACORN from receiving funding from an Interior Department bill.  But does this get to the heart of the problem?

ACORN, along with its numerous subsidiaries and affiliates, has shown to have systemic organizational corruption.  Most recently ACORN has been shown to advocate  underage prostitution (in essence, encouraging sex slavery) by  local offices across the country.  See recap here.

This organization needs a full-blown Congressional hearing, independent auditing of their finacial records and a Department of Justice RICO (Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation.  In the mean time, I urge all readers to contact their state Governor and request them to issue by Executive Order the defunding of ACORN, along with their subsidiaries and affiliates.

See sample letter here.

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