WOW… just WOW… 912 DC

Posted by courage On September - 12 - 2009

Amazing ! What you ask?  The entire day.  Here are just a couple of observations, heck I need to process the entire day before I start to write about it, I’m sure you understand.

The day started out early, organizers pushed back the start time from 10:00am to 11:00.  Participants were to march to the Capital according to their state residency. We headed out the door, taking the Hotel shuttle to the Metro; the District of Columbia’s light rail line.  Our Metro station, Van Dorn, is second from the end of the line, the platform was filled with Patriots headed to the rally.  Patiently we waited…  our surprise was when the next train pulled in to the station, it was already filled to capacity.  The station platform broke in to a spontaneous applaud, resigning ourselves to wait for the next train and elated with joy with what we hoped would be a large number day.


The next train to pull in to the station, we were able to board and luckily found a seat.

Inside Metro

Once aboard the train, Patriots from across the country were sharing their stories;  where they lived, how they arrived in D.C., and how a deep unsettling feeling on the direction of the country fueled their passion in making the trip.  Arriving at our exit, Federal Triangle, we disembarked from the train, only to be faced with a wall of people slowly moving to the turnstile.  The number of people we saw patiently waiting to exit the stop held an eerie yet satisfied feeling.  We knew we were a part of something large.  Little did we know at this moment, how large!

Exiting the station we joined other Patriots that seem to swarm from every direction.  We all walked in the same direction, toward Freedom Plaza were the march was scheduled to start in 45 minutes.  This is what it looked like as we headed down 12th Street…

12th Penn aveEven at this point we did not realize the magnitude of the March.  To give you an idea, I found an aerial  picture, yet even this picture can not give you the sense volume and number of people which marched to the capital.

912 march aerial viewPatriots from across the country descended upon the Capital and voiced their concerns; they were not paid to be there, many had stories of how they sacrificed, held bake sales, yard sales or raised money from friends to make this historic journey.  I have many more pictures to share, as well as, observations of how this may just impact us as a country.

For now, I challenge you to commit to writing your Representatives, although you may not have made it to D.C. let those servants of the people your thoughts and concerns.. be a Patriot, fight for the Liberty we enjoy as a Free country!

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