We The People Are Here ! 912 DC

Posted by courage On September - 12 - 2009

Chater bus Official reports have stated that 450 charter buses have filed for permission to entire the Capital area for the 9-12 project.  That’s a lot of buses and a whole lot more people.

Yesterday we wandered around the District of Columbia and everywhere we went were signs of Patriots.  On the Metro traveling in to D.C. we met Patriots from  across this great country who have descended upon D.C., on each path,  at each street corner you either saw visible signs of Patriots or overheard conversations about today’s march and excitement to be part of this historic event.  We have been told that every charter bus in the state of Ohio has been booked and is here.  Can you imagine the  sacrifice, passion and love of country each individual who will be present today has made to be  here?

There is excitement in the air, anticipation of something bigger than each of us alone, coming together with common purpose.  Yesterday I can not count the number of times I heard some variation of “I have never done anything like this in my entire life.”  YES, the sleeping giant has been awakened.

We The People Are Here !


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