Embracing the American Voice 912 DC

Posted by courage On September - 11 - 2009

912 ProjectThere are moments in life when circumstances dictate action.  We each determine when the underlying catalysis of a situation compels us toward movement.

For us this trip, participating in the 9-12 project is one such moment.  Our deep-seated concern, centers on a gut level feeling that the Republic is being swiftly and purposefully moved toward a socialist/ fascist model. An unsettled sense of freedom being threatened propelled us from being average, perhaps complacent, citizens to finding a voice determined to be heard.

As a side note, for those unsure of the definitions and structural aspects of Socialist and Fascist governmental models, I urge you to school yourself.  Pay keen attention to the politically opposed dichotomies these models have in comparison to a Republic built on freedom and liberty.

We traveled 12 hours across the Heartland: through the farmlands of Indiana draped in thick fog; across the Ohio River valley, beautiful in its early morning peace; Pennsylvania’s rolling hills brought thoughts of how the original framers of the Constitution journeyed through rural/rugged countryside to debate freedom and the direction of the United States.

Prior to leaving, we painted “9-12 Project DC” across the back window of the Jeep, hoping to let others know that we traveled on a mission, an important mission.  During the trip we had 9 different vehicles beep and give thumbs-up as they passed.  The vehicles represented individuals and groups from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Florida and New York.  Admittedly, we can only surmise why the encouragement came from strangers.  We feel safe in guessing that while these people in the vehicles may or may not be at the rally tomorrow, they do also understand the core concern of why we chose to make the trip to DC- there is concern for the Republic.

Throughout the day we listened to summary and discussion, from across the Heartland, on the President’s health care speech the previous night in front of the joint session of Congress.  One word kept popping in to many of the discussions- “disingenuous” when referring to the President’s inadequate explanation of House bill 3200.  We listening to the hoopla over Congressman Wilson’s “lie” statement, which had me wondering why he waited so long in to the speech to outer 2 words which defined the entirety of the President’s speech.

Personally, as soon as the Poser-In-Chief (PIC), early in his speech uttered:

“But thanks to the bold and decisive action we have taken since January, I can stand here with confidence and say that we have pulled this economy back from the brink.”

I was yelling “liar” at the television.  Then shortly later I was wondering, why the sudden change of numbers of those uninsured?  When the PIC stated:

“There are now more than thirty million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”

On August 12, 2009 the PIC stated:

“…46 million uninsured Americans.”

WOW in barely a month 16 millions have now left the status of uninsured to now insured Americans, I think that IF we can do this in less-than-a-month, why even socialize health care?  Seems to me we are doing quite well without government involvement.

The PIC’s health care speech to the joint session of Congress deserves a post in and of itself, for now back to the trip.

Reaching the hotel was a welcome relief, after unpacking we headed to the lounge for a much deserved Long Island Ice tea.

While in the lounge, One Nerve Left, struck up a conversation with a fellow patron.  This young (being relative to my age) gentleman, who I will call “Mike,” works for Homeland Security and is a Marine veteran having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We spoke to Mike for the next hour about patriotism, the impact Katrina had on him and the things he saw while in New Orleans, after the disaster.

Homeland Security

As we parted, we thanked him and shook his hand for both his previous service in the military and for his continued service in pursuit of keeping this country safe and free.

As a final thought on Mike:

Any reader concerned regarding the sentiments and potential actions of those who serve this country and dedicate their being to preserve freedom and liberty- rest assured the military and Homeland Security people get it.  They swore to uphold the Constitution against any foreign and/or domestic agent which may threaten its foundation.  These brave souls may not be allowed to voice their overt support because of duty, yet they undoubtedly believe in the Constitution, Freedom and Liberty.

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  1. geno says:

    You have been a strong, stand-up type of person as long as I’ve know you so it doesn’t surprise me that you would once again be going the extra mile for something you believe in. So many of us just sit back and flap our lips, but not you. Thanks for the update and I will be thinking about you and the “Sarge” tommorrow.
    Thank you