My letter to Senator Lugar on Health Care “reform”

Posted by courage On September - 7 - 2009

constitution_quill_penI encourage readers to contact their elected Congressional Representatives and voice your opinion on issues which effect them and this country.  I know some feel overwhelmed when attempting to compose letters.  The thing to remember is.. you are writing to YOUR employee, we pay their salary and they are in Washington to legislate according to the wishes of their constituents, US.  Now if they only hear from say, ProObama/Pelosi/Reid Health Care Activists, they will believe many of their constituents agree with the fascist  takeover of the Health Care industry.

Some may wonder why I chose the word fascism when describing this purposed plan by the White House?  Fascism at its core, is Government control with the appearance of private enterprise.. make no mistake as with GM, Chrysler, the TARP money.. this is an attempt by the Government to remove private sector comapnies from the equation.

While a bit dated, I invite readers to use any or all parts of this letter when writing their Congressional Representatives.  I will be making this a regular practice here, so check back for new letters…

Dear Senator Lugar,

I urge you to vote against any attempt to place the Government as the steward of health care in the United States.  The government already has programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and the Veterans Administration all which highlight the inability of the government to perform the management of health care.  Reform these agencies first, and then let’s see how that goes.  We, the American people want control over our lives, and the ability to make informed decisions with our chosen health care providers, not some bureaucratic nightmare community such as the new Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research; this committee is not even comprised of actively practicing physicians.  This group will actively participate in the rationing of health care service.  I know that is being denied but I, as well as other Hoosiers, see the writing on the wall.

While President Obama has asserted that health care reform will save money, today’s statement by the CBO directly contradicts this assertion.

While I’m sure we can agree that health care costs continue to rise, there are other avenues which the Senate can take which would assist in stopping this trend and still allow Americans the ability to choose their own health care options.  Some of these would be to allow insurers the ability to “bundle” groups of people into health care packages, presently against the law.  How about limiting legal awards on questionable medical practices.. tort reform may not be pleasing to some yet I challenge you to weigh this option toward meaningful health care reform.  These are only two options and I’m sure that you could think of many more that would not create a more expansive government.

How are we going to pay for this plan?  Presently it is being flung around that the “rich” will pay, what is rich in our society?  Because what I see are small businesses being gravely harmed by any taxes they may incur in attempts to legislate a feel good plan, without considering the ramifications to the entire economy. What is the rush to have something on the President’s desk by the August break?  Do you honestly believe massive changes to such a vital area of Hoosier lives should be rushed through the Senate?  I ask you to please vote NO to any attempt to create, what I consider a nightmare scenario.

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