John Kerry on Silencing Americans

Posted by courage On August - 14 - 2011
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Lets  look at what Senator Kerry asserts  …

Congress Taken Hostage.

Really?  Isn’t the point of debate in Congress to bring forth divergent  ideology, allowing for a subject to be thoroughly explored prior to a vote?  I suppose the Senator would rather  mindless and unexplored voting regardless of the consequences.

This is exactly what has happened every other time the debt ceiling has been raised, pay no attention that in those instances the amount was less than one trillion, not the 2.7 trillion wanted by the Dems and admin to carry them through the next election cycle.

Cut the baby in half.

Huh?  Oh I suppose it makes good theater to use colorful absurd statements like this but come-on, that’s just nonsense.

President had no choice here, Congress had no choice here.

Tapping on the empty bean which is Kerry’s noggin’… why hasn’t the Senate passed a budget in over 820 days?  Using continuing resolutions (CR’s) to allocate money the government confiscates takes in is not creating a budget.  In fact with CR’s it is automatically assumed that each department within the government receives a 6 to 8% increase yearly.  So over the last two years federal departments have seen a 12 to 16% increase in their annual budget during a time where the confiscated taxes revenues have decreased.

Would working from a budget be the end-all to assure fiscal responsibility?  No, yet it would be a starting point, something the Democrat Senate has failed to do and is one of the duties required by the Constitution.

In addition Mr. Noggin head, how long has the Treasury known we would be reaching the debt ceiling?  I know Treasury Secretary Geithner was warning about it back in January of this year.  Creating a crisis by waiting till the last minute to discuss the issue does not make for good policy.

And why hasn’t the Senate taken up debate on the House passed budget?  Even if the Democratic controlled Senate does not like the bill as written debate its merits, mark it up and send it back to the House.

The Senate did vote on the budget submitted by President Obama which created $8.7 trillion in new spending.  I call that a fantasy land budget, how serious is the President in reining spending whose consequence is the exploding debt we face as Americans via our federal government?

Save America from default.

This is absurd, each month there are enough revenues (tricky word for taxes) coming into the treasury to pay for all of the following obligations of the government: interest on outstanding loans, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, military  and veterans pay.  Default on these obligations was never an option, but you and your ilk used this threat to scare citizens; some of which are our most vulnerable, you should be ashamed.  And these citizens should be outraged over your lie.

Group of people unaware or didn’t care about the consequences of their actions.

Are you really this dishonest?  Informing the American people about the  fiscal irresponsibility of our elected officials is patriotic.  Raising the debt ceiling which each individual now owns a share of is a last resort for a government which is drunk on its own power.  See, WE-THE-PEOPLE are starting to understand it’s not really about the debt ceiling, it’s the obscene spending you in Washington have obligated generations of unborn citizens to pay which is the real problem.

Media in America has a bigger responsibility then its exercising today.  The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it.

Silencing a typical tactic of abusers, in this case abusers of the peoples trust.  The fundamental concepts of this republic where debated through newspapers and self-published pamphlets after the Revolutionary war.  On street corners and back halls of saloons Americans would debate the ideology which eventually became our Constitution.    Unlike you, I trust the American people to weigh opposing views, as did  former President Kennedy:

‘A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.’

You are  afraid the American people will finally see how our futures have been leveraged through escalating debt and out-of-control spending.  Of course you would find absurd that individuals want debate on a debt ceiling increase, that perhaps they demand accountability, because by having the debate more and more Americans are becoming  aware of the threat you have placed us in through your addiction to spending.

Finally you add…

America is losing any sense of what’s real, who’s accountable, who’s not accountable, who’s real, who isn’t,  who’s serious..

Oh contrair, the American people are beginning to see with their eyes wide open.  We are taking it to the streets much like in the founder’ era.. talking to family/friends/neighbors/co-workers  with bloggers as the new pamphleteers of the day.  We know the individuals who are serious, they may not be rich by any stretch of the imagination but they have skin in the game, they take precious hours from their day to counter your attempts to stifle free expression and exchange of ideas in this republic.  They speak about freedom and they rally to light a flame in others.  And they understand what President Lincoln meant when he said:

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

You and those like you may want to silence us, but our voice will be heard.

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