Cutting Government Spending

Posted by courage On July - 30 - 2011

Can we all agree, that we don’t have a credit problem (aka the debt ceiling) we have a spending problem.  To meet all financial obligations the federal government is borrowing $4 billion a day.  Yes read that again.. we are borrowing $4 billion a day.

So lets get proactive and start looking at areas we can cut from the budget because they either are duplicate with established state departments/programs or they are luxuries that given the current economic abyss we are falling into we cannot afford.

My first nominee for government abolishment is The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  The NEA is an independent agency of the federal  government, established by an act of Congress in 1965 to provide  support and funding for projects exhibiting artistic excellence.  For fiscal year 2010 the NEA was allotted $167.5 million in funding.

When talking about trillions in deficit, the funding for the NEA may seem like nothing.  But as any saver knows every coupon no matter its size adds up in the final tally.

So there is the first $167.5 million we as tax payers and Americans can save.

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