From Think Oppressive Progressive:

“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate scientist Kevin Trenberth cautioned the American Meteorological Society in January of this year, “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming rather than the inane statements along the lines of ‘of course we cannot attribute any particular weather event to global warming.’”

So one rogue quasi-scientist makes a claim equating the severe weather with climate change and all the left wing lemmings start jumping off the cliff.  Trenberth was one of the lead authors on the UN IPCC Reports which failed to incorporate all analysis and data, skewing the reports conclusion to favor their religious-like mantra of global warming.

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

Even in the face of tragedy,  the left seeks to promote their false agenda.  They highlight how Americans in devastated states ignored their superior intellect and now what, deserved the sorrow and loss?  The evil on the left knows no shame, they have no scrap of decency nor do they care whether what they say is true or not.. it’s all about achieving the imagined upper hand.  “Never let a crisis (or death) go to waste.”

Never mind that actual scientists who study weather stated yesterday:

WASHINGTON — US meteorologists warned Thursday it would be a mistake to blame climate change for a seeming increase in tornadoes in the wake of deadly storms that have ripped through the US south.

“If you look at the past 60 years of data, the number of tornadoes is increasing significantly, but it’s agreed upon by the tornado community that it’s not a real increase,” said Grady Dixon, assistant professor of meteorology and climatology at Mississippi State University.

“It’s having to do with better (weather tracking) technology, more population, the fact that the population is better educated and more aware. So we’re seeing them more often,” Dixon said.

But he said it would be “a terrible mistake” to relate the up-tick to climate change. (emphasis mine)

No patriotic American can view the pictures of the devastation  and not feel empathy for the loss these Americans have experienced.  Times are hard throughout the country and for these Americans those hardship have been exponentially magnified.

ABC News has information o how we can help bring a small sense of normalcy back into these Americans lives.

The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services is responding to the deadly tornado activity throughout the South, mobilizing feeding units and providing support to the victims.

To donate to the Salvation Army’s tornado disaster response, visit, click on their donation page and designate “April 2011 Tornado Outbreak.”

You can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and donors can text “GIVE” to 80888 to make a $10 donation. Checks can be made out to the Salvation Army Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 100339, Atlanta, Ga., 30384-0339.

Even a small $10.00 donation will go a long way to help our fellow Americans.

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