State of the Union … The Before

Posted by courage On January - 25 - 2011

Tonight is the second State of the Union (SOTU) address for pResident Obama.  I doubt we will hear any stimulus talk, in its place will be the word invest, investment or some some variation there of. While the words may be different the underlying meaning is the same.. spend.  Investment will be suggested through shovel ready infrastructure projects. Wasn’t that a key component of the previous stimulus investment program replayed over the last two years?

I expect to hear Obama state we need to invest in our education system, the same system which has failed no matter the amount of money we have thrown at it since Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education.  Money will not fix what is broke in the education system, especially IF  the money is allocated through the Department of Education (ED).  It is time, in this country  honestly begin to evaluate the worth of the ED.  According to the ED’s web site the budget of this department is $68.6 billion and has approximately 5,000 employees.  Whenever I suggest to people about jettisoning this department, I am often meet with gasps until I explain that prior to Carter the states and local school districts set curriculum for students.

Why do we send money to Washington for education, only to have it doled back out to states through Federal coercion?  The Federal government has not succeeded in the last 31 years to demonstrate qualitative results with their control of education dollars, so why are we investing in failed policies of the past?

Tonight there will be talk of investment in research.  This slop bucket of earmarks for academia is a waste of money.  How about these examples of research projects the Federal government gleefully spent your hard earned dollars on:

$823,200 to study genitalia washing in South Africa.

$442,340 million to study the number of male prostitutes in Vietnam and their social setting.

$423,500 to find out why men don’t like to wear condoms.

Need I say more?  Investment in what, no thanks how about American taxpayers just keep some of their hard earned income.  If research projects have value, private industry will fund the endeavors.

The pResident will talk about making cuts, while at the same time speak about how we need to invest in America.  The spending needs to STOP, if the November election offered any message it was that the American people are tired of being treated as children, being told the financial boogie man is nothing to worry about.  The voters spoke as adults in November, clearly stating they did not agree with the direction of the country, with the economy being their greatest concern.  Sadly I do not believe will see any pivot by the pResident, the pundits may suggest this tomorrow but I beg Americans to listen and understand the words which will be spoken hours from now.  The change once offered is enslavement to financial doom and the hope offered is not audacity by arrogance spoken by a detached child.

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