Illinois Passes a 66% Tax Increase

Posted by courage On January - 12 - 2011

As a Hooiser who works just across the border on the southside of Chicago, Illinois’s  new tax increase will effect my family and me.  I do not have the opportunity to vote out of office the irresponsible Congress critters who rob my payroll check.  So in silence I will watch as the state siphons off another 2% of my earnings.

In a move which can  be described as intellectual dishonesty the Illinois legislature inserted a 2% spending cap in to the legislation to offer the appearance of fiscal responsibility, should their budget increase over  2% the new tax levels will be canceled.  For the unthinking, the appearance is one of tightened budget measures, but in reality the state payroll tax increase from 3% to the new rate of 5% becomes a zero sum gain with a 2% increase.  Inch by inch the Illinois general assembly will raise their spending budget and there will be no moving to fiscal solvency in Illinois.  The legislation offers the illusion of the increase being a  temporary increase moving to 3.75 in four years and lower after 14 years.  Who honestly believes these increases will be rolled back without dramatic budget cuts?

Illinois can not pay their bills.. period.  Over the last decade plus on average Illinois has increased its spending budget by 5.7% each year, revenues have dropped.  Like other states which are controlled by Democrats Illinois is in deep trouble.

The newly elected Governor Patrick Quinn said it best, “The fiscal house is burning in Illinois.”  No kidding?

No where, let me repeat this in other terms.. NEVER has a state solved a fiscal crisis by raising taxes without making massive budget cuts.  Every voter in Illinois should be outraged at this increase and the shenanigans being played in Springfield, but voters in Illinois handed control over to these critters and now must pay the piper.

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