Frontpage names the TEA PARTY the Person of the Year

Posted by courage On January - 2 - 2011

From Frontpage:

Over the past few years, while atrophy of the welfare state system has spurred violent protests in Western Europe, the United States has experienced a parallel, but remarkably distinct phenomenon. In early 2009, desperate Greeks rioted in the streets to demand that their overextended government do more for them in the face of financial crisis. Americans, at the same time, rallied across the nation for their government to do less. More than any one individual alone in 2010, this movement, the Tea Party movement, wrought tremendous change over the political landscape, realizing a historic election and revitalizing the American zeitgeist. The title of FrontPage Magazine’s Person of the Year, therefore, must be bestowed collectively on these individuals, the formidable torchbearers of our beloved liberty and prosperity.

Two days after the newly-elected President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus bill) into law February 19th, the Tea Party movement found its voice — in the unlikeliest of places. A little-known CNBC analyst, Rick Santelli, embarked on a spontaneous rant while delivering a market forecast live on air. His harangue was precipitated by the federal government’s decision to stem the 2009 housing and financial crisis with a series of unprecedented “bailouts” for Wall Street and the banking industry, financed by taxpayer revenue. “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage, that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?” Santelli wailed, turning to the gallery of traders on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. The crowd jeered. “President Obama, are you listening?” Apparently, he was not. Santelli proceeded to flippantly claim he was considering organizing a “Chicago Tea Party” to protest government spending and the apparent collectivization of wealth.

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As my own addendum to this article, I believe if average citizens had not awoken and placed themselves as the guardians of liberty the progressive agenda would be further along.  The last two years have not been easy yet historically the fight for freedom has never been for the weak.  Recently I read in the dawning moments of this nation only 3% of the population actively participated in the freeing themselves from the oppression of England.

How large is the Tea Party Patriot movement?  Exact numbers are unavailable since it is truly a grassroots movement, meaning there is no central controlling body.  The overriding truth which bonds the movement across the nation rests in fundamental principles  of the country; limited government intervention, fiscal responsibility from all government entities and elected representatives who adhere to the Constitution authority.

Congratulations to each Patriot for this requisition. Every level of involvement was vital to achieve the accomplishments which have been seen in the last year.

Now my challenge to you.. what are you willing to do in the next year to be a guardian of our liberty? Do you write letters to Congress critters regarding legislation?  Would you like to share those letters with other freedom fighters who may feel uncomfortable with their writing skills?  Or perhaps you have extensive knowledge on a particular issue and with the knowledge can write a letter which delves in to specifics of the legislation?  If so, why not send me an email at the contact button at the top tool bar?

While reading news do you wish to get the info out to other patriots, send it to me via the contact button.  We each have a part to play in maintaining liberty.  Which part will you play?

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