Tyranny Takes Form: Agenda Over the Will of the People

Posted by courage On December - 29 - 2010

Have you noticed the most recent tyrannical moves from the Obama administration?   Forget the Constitution and governing, this administration is hell bent on pushing their agenda  through by any means necessary.

From Robert Allen Bonelli at Big Government:

Written into the Declaration of Independence is a simple imperative, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Our nation was built on this concept, but the Obama administration is using its power to write regulation to circumvent the will of the people and advance its own agenda.

Three recent examples of this over reach are shocking and all Americans should demand an end to the practice and a reversal of what has already been done.  Citizens need to think, whether they agree with the reasons for the circumvention or not, about what is at stake.  Using regulation to specifically subjugate the will of the people to the agenda of any president is nothing less than tyranny.

The three  examples Bonelli cites in his article are FCC regulation of the internet, the return of end-of-life counseling in the health care law and the EPA power grab to regulate carbon dioxide.  The entire article is well worth the read.

For Obama to maliciously ignore the most fundamental aspects of our republic by circumventing Congress, he establishes  a dictatorship.   Fundamental transformation of the United States indeed.   This verges on treason.

We are witnessing a president who does not recognize any boundaries in the power given to him through his office.  Next week the new Congress is seated,  it is imperative for patriots to have their voices heard.  A tsunami of correspondence must hit them fast and hard, it is essential for them to know the American people will not stand idly by watching laws enacted through federal departments void of Constitutional oversight.

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