Civics Exam: For Fun and Folly

Posted by courage On December - 27 - 2010

I found this  exam created by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for their American Civic Literacy program.  The exam itself is interesting and makes you think, perahsp about topics you haven’t thought about in a long time.  Take your time with the exam, some of the wording is a bit awkward and requires concentration.  While I am absolutely against cheating of any kind I believe it only fair to warn you the in answering question 30 it would benefit you to think Keynesian economics.. if that has you confused think liberal economic theory.

I scored a 90.91 missing 3, which if I had taken my time I may have answered correctly.. but who knows maybe not and yep #30 was one of my wrong answers.  ENJOY!

Civic Exam

Oh and BTW, the site also offers a comparison of us common folks and the people we have elected.. guess who scores better?  Yes, of course we did but after watching Congress lately this should surprise no one.

Also.. I vaguely remember civics being one of the school programs the Obama administration was thinking about dropping, even though schools who used the civics curriculum showed substantial improvement in student scores. can anyone confirm this?

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