Brouhaha Over the Word Marriage: It’s Time for Commonsense.

Posted by courage On December - 12 - 2010

I possess very clear and concise feelings about “gay marriage,”  some of which may surprise readers.  Let me just say right out, I do NOT believe the definition of marriage needs to be expanded to include gays/lesbians.  Period.

Surprised?  Don’t be allow me to explain.

Traditionally marriage is viewed through the lens of religion, with most people understanding the phrase “sacrament of marriage” as possessing a religious overtone.  A majority of couples choosing marriage perform their vows in a church,  a smaller number opt for a civil ceremony at a local courthouse.

Activists within the lesbian/gay community have created an unnecessary division among those who staunchly believe the word marriage to hold religious meaning and themselves who wish to expand the societal definition.  To the religious adding this expanded definition would dilute the sanctity of marriage.  Words do have power and history in our society.  A majority  will never accept a revised definition, while activists insist they  accept the expanded definition.  And here lies the crux of the issue…

Gay and lesbian activists are seeking societal validation through their co-opting of the word marriage.  Which I say to these activists, GET OVER IT!  This is not how society works, except in post-modern circles where words have no meaning.  We have words and meanings while you dither over a TWO syllable word, real peoples lives are being negatively impacted all because you have to seek validation.

The activists who fight to have marriage expanded to include lesbian/ gay couples are missing the main reason these couples seek state recognition.. the rights, responsibilities and obligations afforded straight couples who are allowed to marry.  There are over 1400 legal rights conferred upon marriage couples, everything from inheritance of property, to filings of joint returns, to the right to make end of life decisions.  This is what most lesbian /gay couples seek, not a word.

There is the whole issue of whether the government has any right to license marriage between two adult people and while worthy of discussion on its own merits, this post is not that argument.  We currently have laws which exclude certain individuals strictly because of their sex.  As a nation of laws, which are supposed to be applied equally to all, something  is askew.

My suggestion is that the state quit licensing marriage, instead they supply a license which recognizes the formal contract of civil unions.  Those who seek to be married can do so through the church of their choice, at which time the church or synagogue grants them a marriage certificate.  All the rights, responsibilities and obligation through law, administered by the state and federal government are recognized through the civil union, with the sanctity of marriage being recognized by the church.

This is an issue of individual sovereignty, the lesbian or gay couple should be allowed to formalize their partnership just as straight individuals. Lets focus on the end result and quit playing games of semantics.

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