Tea Party Nation is a Sham Patriot Organization

Posted by courage On December - 12 - 2010

I take issue with the Tea Party Nation, the self-imposed grand poobah
Judson Phillips seeks to dilute attention away from Patriots laser sharp
focus of fiscal responsibility to include social issues.
I would suggest that Tea Party Patriots have been so successful in
informing the populace of the shenanigans being perpetrate on the
American people because of its clear focus on fiscal responsibility and
its call for Constitutional adherence by elected officials. The wave
of support for the Tea Party Movement continues to grow, according to
Rasmussen in October 41% of polled eligible voters view the Tea Party
movement favorably with 47% stating the movement is good for the
country. For a movement whose birth was less than 2 years ago, these
numbers are astounding.

To advocate as Phillips envisions will destroy the movement as social issues are dragged in to the mix. If individuals want to address these issues there are numerous established organizations they could join.. feel free.

I would suggest the tenets of individual sovereignty, where the freedoms we enjoy are derived through our humanity and by a higher power are absolute.  In that we live our lives without  imposition of our actions upon our neighbor.  Yes, we are a nation of laws with rules solidifying  the civility which creates a functioning society.  Yet tyranny is easily disguised in the name of righteousness, so to what degree do we allow governmental bodies to control our lives?

From The Examiner:

San Diego’s largest Tea Party, Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) went on the record and said they would break with the Tea Party Nation and will not tackle social issues like abortion or gay marriage.

The Fox News channel guest Judson Philips, founder of Tea Party Nation, a for-profit social network and convention organizer, who announced to his membership that the Tea Party movement needs to abandon its “fiscal conservative-only” identity and pick a side on social issues. (emphasis mine)

Phillips seeks to impose his idea of society on Americans with no regard to the Constitutional adherence, a focal point of the Tea Party Patriots organization, which stands as the largest national patriot group.

Phillips’ and his followers believe their vision of the United States is the only acceptable vision which through rigid interpretation creates division within a number of patriots and further alienates potential allies in the battle of limiting government spending.

Phillips in his call for patriot groups to address social issues becomes an arm of the far right, he should rename his group GOP Tea Party.  While some like to suggest that the Tea Party movement is primarily Republicans, the truth from the inside is that Tea Party members cross all political lines of ideology with the common binding thread being adherence to the Constitution and reining in the irresponsible spending done by the government.

One has to wonder the motivation behind the for-profit Phillips’ call for expansion and how that shakes out with his financial bottom line.

Beware patriots and stay true to your vision of fiscal responsibility and Constitutional  adherence I doubt this will be the last flimflam man we see.  just because you call yourself a tea party organization doesn’t mean you are one.

Phillips is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but he is still a wolf.

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