Fraud in the Pigford Settlement .. Backdoor Reparations

Posted by courage On December - 7 - 2010

Many may not be aware of the Pigford settlement, the mainstream media has all but ignored what amounts to a flood gate of reparations soon to be paid out to “black farmers.”

Black farmers is in quotes above because the necessity of proof  of  USDA discrimination on the part of individuals in this settlement is laughable.  Fill out some minor paperwork claiming you were denied USDA loans because you are black and shazam.. you are entitled to $50,000 in reparations from the government.  No proof needed, other than your word since the USDA did not keep files of the loans applications which were turned down.

Yesterday Big Government released a batch of articles which will bring everyone who has never heard of Pigford up to speed on the fraud being committed.

The most detailed is a 4 month investigative report which can be found here.

The fraud and corruption in this fiasco is systematic of politicians using money to buy votes, individuals scamming the system to get “free money” from your pockets via the Treasury and how activists have created a new way for reparations.

Be mindful there was actual discrimination on the part of the USDA in denying loans to individuals, but no where near the breath of this magnitude.  And this is only the beginning, soon every minority will be filing Pigford claims to receive their self-appointed reparations.

It is time to start speaking to family and friends about this blatant fraud being perpetrated on the American public.  The few members of the House would have been vocal over this corrupt process have been <shock> labeled “racist.”

And the Senate?   Late last month they voted unanimously to allocate money to fund Pigford II, the second round of reparations which opened the proverbial floodgates of new claims.

The fraud in this settlement demands investigation as potentially billions of tax payer dollars fly out the door.

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