Islamic Law Trumps US Law in Arrest Photo

Posted by courage On December - 6 - 2010

There are some who have no concept of how Islam is creeping Sharia compliance in to the societal fabric of the United States.  It comes in small steps, small decisions through courts or other administers of justice, yet the end result is the same.. adherence to Sharia.


A Muslim woman who refused to remove her headscarf for a Boulder County jail booking photo has been told she’ll have to explain her refusal to a judge.

Maria Hardman, 19, of Boulder, who says she converted to Islam three years ago, pleaded guilty to an alcohol violation and was sentenced to two days in jail plus community service.

She told the Boulder Daily Camera on Friday that removing her headscarf for the photo would violate her beliefs because the Quran calls for Muslim women to wear the scarf except in the company of close family.

A police report said Hardman’s blood-alcohol level was 0.19, more than twice the legal limit, after she crashed her motor-scooter in August.

Alcohol consumption is generally considered to be banned by Islam. Hardman said she drank punch provided at a party without knowing it contained alcohol. She said she left after she found out.

Hardman said she was told to remove the scarf for the photo Wednesday, when she reported to the jail to do paperwork in preparation for a two-day work crew as part of her sentence.

She said her attorney spent three hours trying to persuade officials to let her wear the scarf for the photo. She said jail officials eventually allowed her to leave without taking her photo, but it’s not clear whether she began serving her sentence.

Larry Hank, who oversees the jail, said Hardman will have to explain her refusal to the judge in her case and that jail officials are preparing a motion to explain their reasoning.

The newspaper reported Hardman’s attorney is also working on a motion. No hearing has been scheduled.

In a conversation yesterday about this news item, Gene suggested an appropriate idea, if adherence to Sharia is fundamentally important to an individuals then perhaps the penalty they pay should also adhere to Sharia.

Would  Hardman be willing to face a tribunal of mullahs surrounding her decision to be in a public place without being accompanied by a male relative?  Women have been stoned for this infraction.

I doubt Hardman’s claim of not knowing the punch was spiked with alcohol would be accepted by mullahs; in Sharia compliant nations women who are brutally raped are the ones who face punishment for the rape.  So perhaps Hardman would prefer a public beating instead of the community service?

If one looks to Sharia in Afghanistan, the sole fact that Hardman attends school would subject her to potentially having acid thrown in her face.

Seems she is indeed lucky to live in the United States which affords all people regardless of sex the same rights under the law.

In my opinion, Hardman broke the law and needs to shut up and face the consequences of her actions; which include having a jail house picture taken minus the head garb.  If she doesn’t not like this, then I suggest she head over to a Sharia compliant country and live there.  Good luck with that.

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