Losing Our Autonomy: The TSA

Posted by courage On November - 28 - 2010

What will it take for Americans to finally stand up in mass and say NO?  Continually our freedoms are being eroded through a government which stretches its web of control tighter, squeezing the blood of liberty from the veins of the populace.

The government believes us to be sheeple and perhaps we are; blinded by their claims of false security, at the expense of   our individual autonomy.  The abdication of autonomy comes in small incremental steps, with statements made by individuals who fail to connect the dots to the larger picture of freedom.  With the Patriot Act common declarations were, “ I have nothing to worry about, I’m not a terrorist” or “anything they want to do to make us safe, is okay with me.”

While this may provide comfort to those individuals during uncertain times, it also slowly slices away the core liberty, we as free people enjoy.  Liberty once lost is difficult if not impossible to gain back.  The addiction of control and tainted power emanating from the sacred halls of our government has become corrupted; bloated by their self-worth and arrogance, in essence thinking themselves above the people who elected them.

Now we have the TSA invading the autonomy and self-respect of individuals as they board planes.  We see the recent stories of TSA agents traumatizing young children with invasive and potentially psychologically harming pat-downs.  Do we not warn children about inappropriate touching by adults?   Only a cold-hearted numb person could not sympathize with the screeching screams of a child being groped by a stranger or having their shirt removed by an unknown TSA agent.

And more stories come to light of a government which breathes contempt for the average citizen.  A breast cancer survivor is humiliated when she is pulled out of the body scanner to submit to a physical search because a prosthetic breast indicated something hidden during the scan.  Or the man who survived bladder cancer resulting in a permanent catheter,  during an aggressive pat down he had the catheter become dislodged soaking his pants.  Oh yes the stories go on.. average people losing their autonomy and dignity through a big brother government who falsely claims these measures will keep them safe.

Ah yes I hear those who say, if you do not want to be scanned or groped then don’t fly.  Yet this is just the beginning of a government which seeks to dissolve your autonomy.  Janet Napolatano has made comments which suggest the searches may be expanded to include other areas of travel and indeed our daily lives.  On the table for expanded security are aspects areas which impact our daily lives, rail stations, whether Amtrak or local commuter lines are being suggested, as are bus stations and potentially shopping malls.  In the name of safety, the government will control the travel in our daily life.

When do we say STOP?  And why are some elected and government officials being allowed their autonomy and have been granted exclusion from these searches?  Are they exempt from say blackmail or other outside pressures which would have them potential carriers of terrorism?  In fact, I would suggest they may in fact be more prone precisely because of their imagined supreme status.

Benjamin Franklin stated, “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”

When will we as a nation stand and say NO?  When will we understand that our autonomy is sacred and once lost it may not be reclaimed.  Tyranny develops one lost freedom at  a time, when will you say NO?

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