The House will return to Washington next week to act on Medicaid and education funding for states.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the news via Twitter, saying: “I will be calling the House back into session early next week to save teachers’ jobs and help seniors & children.”

Isn’t this always the way for the hapless Democrats, frame a discussion to play on the basis of emotions, I’m surprised Pelosi didn’t add something in for kittens and puppies.

A House leadership aide told The Hill the early return was discussed following the Senate’s vote Wednesday to move forward on the $26 billion package.

This is nothing short of pay-off to blue states which refuse to balance their budgets.  Illinois has been writing IOU’s for months and California is drowning in red ink. The fiscal irresponsibility of failing states falls directly on the shoulders of elected officials and agency chiefs.  Spending tax payers money is easy when you believe the flow is eternal, only one sin tax, property tax hike or federal government bailout away.  Like all government agencies, states seldom work from sound financial principles, instead they look at a budget, rub their hands together and start thinking of all the pie-in-sky projects and expenditures they can hoodwink into existence.

Separately, a Democratic aide said if members return to Washington to vote on the package, it would be Monday or Tuesday next week.

The House gallery said the chamber will be in session Tuesday but there was a possibility members could return Monday for votes.

A K Street source said $10 billion in aid to teachers, which is part of the package, drove the issue, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees was pushing Pelosi to call the House back to Washington.

And when one of the buyers of our elected officials (unions) call, the cattle stampede back to Washington begins.  It does not matter that Americans are calling for a halt to spending which is pushing us further in debt.

Won’t it be novel if the states who receive any of this bailout money be forced to make cuts which equal the money from Washington. And what of states who are financially sound, why should those residents be forced to pay for the reckless spending by states who can not balance their budget?  Redistribute the wealth indeed and allow irresponsible behavior to continue unchecked.

Write you Representative and tell them NO to state bailouts, it is time that government both state and federal learns what it means to live within a budget, just like the American people.

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