During the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings, Lindsey Graham was the only Judiciary Committee Republican to vote “yea” and sanctioned the confirmation process to move forward.  On the Senate floor Graham chided the Chamber and indeed the American public that “Elections have consequences.”

My question then and now, does that make you the enforcer of those consequences?

The apparent answer is.. yes.  Graham believes himself the omnipotent father wielding consequences through his votes.

Whether Justice Sotomayor deserved confirmation is up for debate, one thing though is clear she did have an extensive record of judiciary decisions to base her qualifications as a potential Supreme Court judge.

Not so with the current nominee Elena Kagan, who has no record of judiciary decisions to base a judgment on whether she should be granted a life-long seat on the Supreme Court.  I have previously discussed concerns surrounding Kagan in this post.

The short version of those concerns can be stated as NO.  Kagan has shown  strong beliefs in the ideology of “the common good, supersedes the private good.”  She believes this “common good” extends to your dinner table as well as the books you read.

But never mind those concerns, Graham broke ranks with other Republican Judiciary Committee members and again voted “yea” to move the nomination forward.  The enforcer of consequences (Graham) allowed the pResident to proclaim bi-partisan committee approval.  I’ve had it with Graham, who I consider a RHINO.

Senator Graham, do you have any principle which would you would not forsake in order to further the progressive agenda?  Do you even stop to consider what the consequences of your actions may have on the American people?  Or do you believe that as freedom is lost it will propel people through fear of forsaken liberty to vote Republican?

Lindsey Graham is up for reelection in 2014, operatives in the South Carolina Republican party are saying he will face a primary challenge, “It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘who’ and ‘how many.”

I hope that Graham finds out the hard way, yes elections have consequences and so do the votes he makes.

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