For weeks I feel as though we have entered an alternative universe, nightly the news speaks to the grave environmental impact of the Gulf oil rig explosion.  Common people speak of fear as they watch  toxic crude oil invade their state, they worry that the lack of quick and immediate federal response  will create catastrophic damage to the ecosystem they love and  they express concern  for their livelihoods so tied in to the Gulf and then they wonder when will the scope of this massive disaster truly be known.

My heart aches for the people of Louisiana and the devastation this disaster  has placed in their lives. Yesterday I watched the following You Tube clip as Louisianan Representative Charlie Melancom stressed to a House committee the devastation that has struck his beloved state.  My eyes teared, as I this humble servant of the people become overcome with emotion, to the point of not finishing his prepared comments.  Please take the time to watch this American, while the heartfelt emotion may feel uncomfortable it is important to understand the extent of the horror.

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At the onset of the explosion, Governor Jindal requested permission to erect temporary sand barriers (or barrier shoals) in attempting to prevent the crude from reaching the delicate wet-lands of Louisiana.  Admittedly not a foolproof idea, yet the Governor acted decisively in requesting the most viable option in lessening the impact of the oil rig explosion.  The Army Corps of Engineers continually stalled citing various unknown possibilities that could occur IF the barrier shoals were erected. One thing was sure, if the crude oil invaded the wet-lands the ecosystem would see long term harm.  Over the last almost 3 months the Army Corps has stalled and played the “what if”  game with Jindal.  The crude is now making its first assault to the wet-lands and shoreline of Louisiana and it will only get worse from here.  Finally, Governor Jindal has told the Army Corps to F*&% off and stated he was erecting the sand barriers. On Thursday, the Coast Guard gave Jindal the go-ahead to start the process, Jindal already had,  the Coast Guard publicly sanctioning the process is a face-saving afterthought.

Yesterday the pResident landed in Louisiana, where he did a cursory walk-around and gave a press conference afterward. this trip by Obama was designed to stifle the cry of critics who say he was not engaged in the process nor did he understand the horror surrounding the situation.  After watching his press conference, I believe those critics correct.  Embedded in the following AOL news item is part of the press conference, watch as you see a man who speaks in a monotone voice void of the usual empathy typically seen when faced with a  tragedy.  Notice that without a telepromter he needs to rely on note cards to express the concerns of the nation.  The words he speaks are the ones which most would expect in a disaster, but the words ring hollow void of any honest emotional attachment to the situation.  Why would he not be able to speak during this press conference without note cards?  I can understand bulleting key areas one would not want to miss, but as you watch Obama he is reading directly the scripted words placed on the cards.  The words spill from his mouth yet the sincerity of emotion is disconnected.  The lack of emotive respond from the pResident is concerning, as is his physical “tell” of touching his nose when saying the necessary resources would be available, which is commonly considered a sign of non-truth. You can read the AOL news article along with the accompanying video of the  press conference here.

Lack of appropriate emotive response can be any number of psychological  disorders from extreme fatigue to severe personality disorders, while educated in the mental health field I can only from a distance speculate as to its meaning.

Psychological diagnosis of personality disorders even in the best circumstances is variable, with the consistent surrounding behaviors which permeate the individuals life.  Numerous aspects of the individual are needed  to develop a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues.  From a distance one can only hypothesize on a public figure such as Obama;  from where I am standing and from what has been reported in the news, I don’t think this lack of emotive response is fatigue.

Pray for the people of Louisiana, as well as for all people of the United States.

To see a pictorial of the Louisiana devastation as well as the workers attempting to battle this catastrophe  visit here.

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