Anyone with two functioning brain cells can sense the cover-up being played out in Washington over the Sestak bribe.  After months of delay, the White House yesterday used a standard “dump” day to release their “investigation” of Representative Sestek’s claim he was offered a job in the White House to drop out of the Senate race.  This move by the White House was designed to clear the field for the White House supported (Benedict) Arlen Specter to run unopposed in the Pennsylvania Democrat primary. The White House’s report which barely filled a page and half leaves many questions unanswered and presents additional questions as to the operational schema of the Administration.

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Why would former President Clinton, admittedly a high ranking emissary, be requested to present such a low level, inconsequential non-paying position, which could be described as an intern offer to Sestek?   Does this make sense?

And what of the meeting Clinton and Obama had just the day before (Thursday) the White House release, was this getting their proverbial ducks in a row? What of the differences between the now intern offer and Sestek’s continued statement that he was offered a job by the administration? Why does the “investigation” not address the roll of Rahm Emanuel in the offer? Why was the brother of Sestek contacted by the White House prior to making the report public, plausible denial to cover Sestek’s earlier allegations?  The more information that comes out regarding this incident, the greater the appearance of collusion to cover-up a bribe by the Administration.

And IF (big if, because I believe there is much more to this story) Clinton did in fact offer Sestek some low-level unpaid intern sort-of position, why has it taken months for the administration to address the issue?

Any attempts to manipulate election primaries results, as well as, the offering of government positions in exchange particular deeds (such as dropping out of the Senate race) violates federal law.  It does not matter whether the position is paid or unpaid, the gain of power through the offer is key.

They may think the American public will be buffaloed by their ad hoc thinly veiled response to the questions about federal election violations, but the veneer is slowly pealing off this Administration and the American public are realizing  the corrupt nature of this White House is Chicago on crack.

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