h/t CC297 from Northwest Indiana Patriots meetup site

WSBTV originating out of Atlanta, Georgia has put together three short videos which center on illegal immigration and border security in Arizona.  The true journalism displayed during these reports by Justin Farmer is rare in our current topsy-turvey  media coverage.  Each video is well worth the 3 minutes or so it takes to view them.

Video 1:


If they are apprehending 100′s each year from terrorist countries, how many are getting through our borders?

Video 2:


Why is the information surrounding OTM’s (other than Mexican’s) no longer available?  One would think that this information would be vital to our Congressional people who sit on Homeland Security committees, especially as they consider policy relating to border control.

Video 3:
The cost of detaining and deporting illegal immigrants, $2.6 billion/year.


With 1 in 5 of those caught illegally attempting to gain access to our country having criminal records, why is the pResident not focusing on solving this instead of debasing the Arizona law?

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