Congressman Boehner: Dem’s face a Creditability Gap

Posted by courage On April - 27 - 2010

Congressman Boehner ticks off earlier credibility issues with passed legislation by the manic “look there’s a fire”  Democrats which reportedly would do one thing yet fails to meet even a minimum standard of achieving acceptability.

~ The Stimulus package hyped as creating jobs and keeping unemployment below 8%.. failed on both accounts.

~  The war of the deficit, while passing pay-go, they exempt every piece of legislation from fiscal solvency and  continue to increase the debt.

~ The trillion dollar take-over of the health care system with promises it would lower costs and reduce the country’s debt, lies, written about here.

And now the financial reform bill, the Congressman doesn’t go far enough in spelling out how this bill will further insert the federal government in to the corporate structure of private companies.  Who gets to make the decisions about the feds stepping in?  Two people.. the pResident and little Timmy from the Treasury.  Is there any recourse to prevent the hostile takeover by the feds.. nope,  the corporation cannot even appeal the government’s decision in a court of law.

Let’s hear from Congressman Boehner:

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“Just think about that credibility gap when you see the Majority insist on rushing through a job-killing regulatory bill with promises that will end Wall Street bailouts. The bill doesn’t end Wall Street bailouts, it makes them permanent and institutionalizes too big to fail. This bill doesn’t get the government out of the private sector it creates a politburo style of regulators who can seize any business and do almost anything they want to do with it. And the bill doesn’t address the real reasons for the financial meltdown; it gives a free ride to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government mortgage companies that started this crisis. Americans were promised a new Washington. Instead it’s just more of the same: more spending, more government, and more empty promises.” (emphasis mine)

Ah yes Fannie and Freddie.. as a quick recap see this post on how historically the Democrats IGNORED the impending doom of these two agencies here.

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