Update: After the Event at End

Hello Patriots,

We are pleased to host a question and answer period for Rob Pastore.

Congressional Candidate Rob Pastore welcomes the opportunity to meet with constituents to discuss your concerns as patriots. Rob is running in the U.S. House of Representatives, District 01, in the May 4th primary on the Republican ballot and then will face Pete Visclosky in the November general elections.  The same Pete Visclosky who ignored the voice of his constituents and voted in favor of the House health care bill on Sunday evening.

Leave your index cards at home.

This will be an open forum; allowing the individuals who attend this gathering the opportunity to present their concerns and be part of the discussion. Rob looks forward to this gathering and interaction with constituents on the issues facing the 1st Congressional District and the direction of our country.

Congressional Candidate Rob Pastore website:


Meeting date: Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Time: 1:30pm to +/- 3:00pm
Location: Valparaiso Library
103 Jefferson Street
Valparaiso, Indiana

Parking is available on the street and in gated lots to the West and North of the library building. The library lots are small. Look to park on the street or in a parking lot nearby. Many of the nearby lots have free 2 hour parking.

Be an active participant in our republic and learn about the leaders who will represent you in Washington.

See you there!

One Response to “1st District Candidate Robert (Rob) Pastore: Question & Answer / Meet & Greet Announcement”

  1. courage says:

    Yesterday’s town forum with Rob Pastore covered numerous topics/issues of concern from patriots.. everything from Faith’s question about the health care law to Kathy’s question regarding term limits was explored during the hour and half meeting. As a Constitutional conservative Rob Pastore vividly displayed why he is an excellent choice for U.S. Representative in the 1st Congressional District.

    The time to stand-up and be counted is NOW.. Pastore can beat the non-Representative Pete Visclosky in November. Rob Pastore has fought corruption in his former union and won. Rob Pastore has worked tirelessly to fight voter fraud in Hammond by the corrupt Democratic party and can point to statistical facts how he made a difference.

    The 1st Congressional District needs, Rob Pastore to represent them in Washington, not some want-to-be loser. We need someone who aligns with the hard work ethic of Hoosiers, understands how the over-reaching expansion of the federal government has invaded our lives and he wants to repel this expansion and finally who believes that representatives serve humbly at the at the grace of their constituents.

    Rob Pastore is the real deal .. he is NOT looking to make himself a career politician.. he believes in term limits. Question hard any individual who does not believe in term limits and ask.. why are they doing this? Are they a wanna-be politician or a statesman? Statesmen look with sincere concern to how legislation impacts future generations, while politicians look only to the next election.

    Rob Pastore is a statesman.

    If you have not checked out Rob Pastore, do yourself a favor and check out his website at http://www.robpastore4congress.com.