Congratulations, You May Soon Own a Cotton Plantation

Posted by courage On February - 17 - 2010


What exactly are the House Democrats thinking passing the Castle Nugent National Historic Site Establishment Act of 2010?  Oh yes, these nitwits just passed a bill which spends $50 million dollars to purchase a cotton plantation; not just any old cotton plantation but one that  the exists in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Fiscal responsibility… sure when donkey’s fly.  In case you are wondering where your Representative came down on the bill, check here. For Hoosiers in the 1st Congressional District, yes Pete (I haven’t found a spending bill I won’t vote for) Visclosky voted for passage of this bill.

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t care what the reason, it is appalling that the House thinks nothing of wasting tax dollars.  If the Gasperi family wanted to make sure this land was not developed then they could have sold it to private investors with a stipulation that the land was not developed.  Ahh, but that makes to much sense, instead they place us (tax payers) on the hook for $50 million plus annual maintenance fees of $1 million.

November can’t come fast enough.

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