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State of the Union … The Before

Posted by courage On January - 25 - 2011

Tonight is the second State of the Union (SOTU) address for pResident Obama.  I doubt we will hear any stimulus talk, in its place will be the word invest, investment or some some variation there of. While the words may be different the underlying meaning is the same.. spend.  Investment will be suggested through shovel ready infrastructure projects. Wasn’t that a key component of the previous stimulus investment program replayed over the last two years?

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Lessons From Atlas Shrugged

Posted by courage On January - 25 - 2011
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House Republicans Move to Slash United Nations Funding

Posted by courage On January - 24 - 2011

A key House Republican is quickly pressing forward with her goals to scale back U.S. funding for the United Nations.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a
key function of the panel, particularly funding to the U.N.
Human Rights Council (HRC) that is “a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

“I’d like to make sure that we once and for all kill all U.S.
funding for that beast,” she said last month. “Because I don’t think that it
advances U.S. interests, I don’t think that that’s a pro-democracy
group, it’s a rogue’s gallery, pariah states, they belong there because
they don’t want to be sanctioned.”

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Feds May File Suit Against States: Backdoor Union Card Check

Posted by courage On January - 15 - 2011

Back in August of 2009,  I wrote my opposition to the proposed legislation called “The Employee Free Choice Act,” legislation which would remove secret ballot from union organizing.  This legislation introduced in early March 2009 by Democrats high on their election wins and was an effort to payback union organizers who helped them gain control of Congress and the White House.  The card check legislation never made it out of the House committee and is sitting where all horrendous  freedom limiting proposed legislation should be, in the trash heap.

What is becoming common to the Obama administration are attempts to institute law through the Executive branch by having departments and agencies write new rules, in essence creating laws which have never passed Congress. Heck what do we need Congress for anyway?   This administration appears to believe they alone know what is right direction for the country and if Congress cannot or won’t do their bidding KING Obama will make it so…

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Illinois Passes a 66% Tax Increase

Posted by courage On January - 12 - 2011

As a Hooiser who works just across the border on the southside of Chicago, Illinois’s  new tax increase will effect my family and me.  I do not have the opportunity to vote out of office the irresponsible Congress critters who rob my payroll check.  So in silence I will watch as the state siphons off another 2% of my earnings.

In a move which can  be described as intellectual dishonesty the Illinois legislature inserted a 2% spending cap in to the legislation to offer the appearance of fiscal responsibility, should their budget increase over  2% the new tax levels will be canceled.  For the unthinking, the appearance is one of tightened budget measures, but in reality the state payroll tax increase from 3% to the new rate of 5% becomes a zero sum gain with a 2% increase.  Inch by inch the Illinois general assembly will raise their spending budget and there will be no moving to fiscal solvency in Illinois.  The legislation offers the illusion of the increase being a  temporary increase moving to 3.75 in four years and lower after 14 years.  Who honestly believes these increases will be rolled back without dramatic budget cuts?

Illinois can not pay their bills.. period.  Over the last decade plus on average Illinois has increased its spending budget by 5.7% each year, revenues have dropped.  Like other states which are controlled by Democrats Illinois is in deep trouble.

The newly elected Governor Patrick Quinn said it best, “The fiscal house is burning in Illinois.”  No kidding?

No where, let me repeat this in other terms.. NEVER has a state solved a fiscal crisis by raising taxes without making massive budget cuts.  Every voter in Illinois should be outraged at this increase and the shenanigans being played in Springfield, but voters in Illinois handed control over to these critters and now must pay the piper.

Filibuster Reform Letter Now Available

Posted by courage On January - 8 - 2011

A letter to send your Senators stating you are against filibuster reform is available here.

Filibuster Reform is Bad for the Nation

Posted by courage On January - 8 - 2011

The use of filibusters has a long history in Congress. The original intent of the Constitutional Framers was to allow lengthy debate in each chamber, on the premise that ideas as well as legislation should be fully examined when structuring legislation. The Founders believed full and unrestrained scrutiny of legislation would result in superior legislation. Each of the Congressional bodies is allowed according to Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution to determine the rules of its proceedings. Originally the rules created by each of the Congressional branches allowed for the use of a filibuster, often used by the minority party to prevent a vote on a particular piece of legislation. In the dawning days of our republic the filibuster was used, admittedly sparingly, by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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Frontpage names the TEA PARTY the Person of the Year

Posted by courage On January - 2 - 2011

From Frontpage:

Over the past few years, while atrophy of the welfare state system has spurred violent protests in Western Europe, the United States has experienced a parallel, but remarkably distinct phenomenon. In early 2009, desperate Greeks rioted in the streets to demand that their overextended government do more for them in the face of financial crisis. Americans, at the same time, rallied across the nation for their government to do less. More than any one individual alone in 2010, this movement, the Tea Party movement, wrought tremendous change over the political landscape, realizing a historic election and revitalizing the American zeitgeist. The title of FrontPage Magazine’s Person of the Year, therefore, must be bestowed collectively on these individuals, the formidable torchbearers of our beloved liberty and prosperity.

Two days after the newly-elected President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus bill) into law February 19th, the Tea Party movement found its voice — in the unlikeliest of places. A little-known CNBC analyst, Rick Santelli, embarked on a spontaneous rant while delivering a market forecast live on air. His harangue was precipitated by the federal government’s decision to stem the 2009 housing and financial crisis with a series of unprecedented “bailouts” for Wall Street and the banking industry, financed by taxpayer revenue. “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage, that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?” Santelli wailed, turning to the gallery of traders on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. The crowd jeered. “President Obama, are you listening?” Apparently, he was not. Santelli proceeded to flippantly claim he was considering organizing a “Chicago Tea Party” to protest government spending and the apparent collectivization of wealth.

Read the entire article at the link above.

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