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“Change” is Killing the Country

Posted by courage On July - 9 - 2010

Tell me there haven’t been times when you feel exactly like Bob.

Drinking with Bob:

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Lawlessness at the Department of Justice

Posted by courage On July - 9 - 2010

Section 8 of the Motor Voter law requires removal of voters when they are found to be ineligible to vote.   The some of the reasons for removal from voter rolls can be because the individuals have died, moved or are no longer eligible to vote because of criminal conviction.  By failing to enforce Section 8, we have a Chicago style disregard for the election process with the potential of massive voter fraud.  It has long been “joked” about in the Chicago area, that the dead come alive on election day, but this no NO joking matter.  This threatens to circumvent the entire process of the people having the freedom to elect representatives who will serve their interests.

We have seen what appears to now be corruption in the Civil Rights and Voter Sections of the Department of Justice, how deep does this blatant and obscene disregard for the laws of this great land extend ?

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) has abdicated its role as the stalwart defender of law enforcement in United States and in its defined role to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. The New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case has brought to light the Obama  DOJ  is more concerned with placating “special interests,” then enforcing the law which creates the fabrics of our society.

This should come as no surprise to those who have watched Obama and his administration, particularly the DOJ,  embrace and cater to those with no respect of the law.

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Today the brave patriot,  J. Christian Adams testified in front of the Civil Rights Commission.  The Commission will be issuing a new round of subpoenas in the case to evaluate what went very wrong at the DOJ.  This is especially concerning, under sworn testimony Mr. Adams stated that the DOJ will not prosecute black individuals when the victims are white. Are all citizens held to the same standard of law?  Or are there different standards in this administration for different ethnic groups?

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Currently the DOJ (Eric Holder) has refused to allow  employees from the DOJ to give sworn testimony to the Civil Rights Commission.  What is he hiding?  And will the pResident demand Holder releases his employees to answer the impending subpoenas?

This  reeks of Chicago politics and corruption.

3 Reasons Why the Financial “Reform” Bill is Worthless

Posted by courage On July - 7 - 2010

As you watch the following clip ask yourself, how competent has the government been in administrating control over anything?  Think about the boondoggle in the Gulf, or Freddie and Fannie the housing giants which are sinking in perpetual red or the stimulus package which has failed to “jump start” the economy.  The list of failures extend in to long held government initiatives such as the “War on Poverty” to the Department of Education, failures in achieving even the slightest semblance of what they were designed to do.

Can a government led watchdog group monitor the financial industry?  If “too big to fail” companies are given immunity and free reign, knowing the government will bail them out for poor decisions, will they honestly work toward fiscally sound stewardship?  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with their “progressive” business model, played a major role in the economic collapse of the market.  Why is strict oversight in these two now government agencies not in the proposed bill?  Of course for those who may not be aware, both agencies have been given an open checkbook by the federal government as their bottom line bleeds red.

So what is the purpose of this bill?  What unintended consequences will result should this pass?  We only need look to the credit bill which passed, interest rates skyrocketed for many individuals.  Congress has yet to address this issue which effects the everyday lives of people, they are to busy looking to see what sector of the economy they can control next.

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To see the manner in which the government extended oversight to Fannie and Freddie see this post.

Pelosi: Unemployment Benefits are a Job Creator

Posted by courage On July - 2 - 2010

Who knew that unemployment benefits created jobs?  Sometimes you just can’t make up the inane things that spill from elected officials mouths.

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“It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”I wonder if the Speaker also thinks that other programs are also “job creators?”  You know things like hmm say, food stamps and welfare; do they also create jobs?  Oh maybe she’s talking about creating government jobs to process the paperwork that goes along with various program.  Naw, that would make too much sense.

On July 6, 2010, the Civil Rights Commission began hearings on the Department of Justice’s decision to all but drop voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party.  The incident in question occurred on Election Day 2008 at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian polling place.  The New Black Panther Party claimed they were providing “security” at the polling place.

See the United States Commission on Civil Rights press release here.

The press release offers some background on the incident.

While the You Tube clip below does not validate all charges brought against the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), it does offer some insight in to what occurred at this polling location.

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For those unfamiliar with the case of voter intimidation brought against the New Black Panther Party, they were found guilty of voter intimidation.  Department of Justice was then queried regarding penalties which should be assessed and there is where things went very wrong in the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Instead of requesting harsh penalty the  DOJ decided that the facts did not validate the case against the New Black Panther Party and dropped all charges against them, except for a minor stipulation against the billy-club camouflage  dressed member whose penalty barred him from being present at a Philadelphia  polling place for two years.

Now lets hear from the former Department of Justice attorney, Mr J. Christian Adams, turned whistle blower regarding the corruption and hostility which engulfs the DOJ’s Civil Rights and Voting  Divisions .  In my opinion the bravery of Mr. Adam qualifies him as patriot, fighting for justice and the honor of the law.

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What will come from this hearing?  Will the DOJ evaluate all cases presented before it equally or will there be separate rules for different citizens?

For additional information on how “Unequal Law Enforcement Reigns at Obama’s DOJ.”

From the hearing, Mr. Adams speaks out, available here.