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This clip moves rather fast, you may need to stop it along the way to fully comprehend what the author is saying…

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Now how only Charles  Krauthammer can make the point…

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The Obama Chart… Circumventing the Constitution

Posted by courage On April - 17 - 2010

The founding fathers displayed great wisdom in creating our republic.  They knew, from first hand experience, how absolute control corrupts and enslaves a population, depriving the citizenry of freedom.  They established a system of checks and balances to assure that our representative government would not be overtly powerful in any of the three branches of government.  One can only wonder, what they would have thought of the following chart and how the administration is  using all means available to circumvent the Constitutional protections granted to the people.

I happened across an excellent piece written by Phil Kerpen which explains the Obama chart precisely

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As A Reminder…

Posted by courage On April - 1 - 2010
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