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Constitution 101.. Patriots Time for School

Posted by courage On January - 5 - 2010


Over the long holiday weekend, I happened across a great learning tool for patriots.  I have heard many express the desire to learn more about the founding documents of this great country and to this end I offer the link to a FREE online Constitution class.  Each segment is approximately one hour long and is presented by the 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Michael Badnarik.

I am slowly making my way through the class segments.  At the start I sat with coffee, not long in to the first segment I stopped the presentation to gather up needed supplies, paper and pen.. the information I was learning was to important to just ignore.

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king+obamaIn the United States of America we have something called a government, we have a Constitution, we have a voting public, we have precedent, we have something called “responsibility” and we have elections. The Democrats seem to have forgotten all of this, or maybe they just refuse to recognize it, they have declared themselves KING.  The audacity is breathtaking, as they seek to takeover 1/6th of the United States economy.  The arrogance unbounded, as they ignore the American people. The corruption, culminated through bribery of elected  officials is obscene.

Democratic leaders are looking to forgo a formal, public conference to merge the House and Senate’s health care overhaul bills, giving Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House free rein to hammer out the final measure behind closed doors and thwart Republican efforts to stymie it.

The maneuver gives Democratic leaders the ability to quickly work through hundreds of differences between the 2,000-page bills and to keep control over the deals they will need to make on politically touchy topics such as abortion, taxes and Medicare cuts.

“A true conference could take longer than it seems leaders in the Senate want to spend on this,” said a Senate Democratic aide.

Democratic aides say the final decision hasn’t been made, but the party’s congressional leaders will talk with the president this week. Democrats are pursuing a final vote in both chambers on the president’s top agenda item in time for his first State of the Union address later this month.

Of course, lets hand the President another grand photo-op at a historic juncture in this countries history.  Historic only in regards to the unconstitutionality of this legislation.  No where in history has the federal government mandated individuals to purchase from a private company any item, nor is there precedence to impose financial penalty for failing to enter in to a private contract with a public company.  We have a government drunk on its imagined power, willfully neglecting their oath of office to defend the Constitution.  This is tyranny.

A Preview of NY Terrorist Trials.. Propaganda for Jihadists

Posted by courage On January - 5 - 2010

Pakistan has begun the trials of the five American Muslims detained there on terrorist plots.  This is only a small glimpse of the future NY trials of the Gitmo detainees.  Is there any doubt that afforded their “Constitutional rights” by the administration, they will have a platform to spew their hatred for the United States and further propagandize their call for increased attacks against the West?

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Nigeria has criticized new security measures for passengers flying to and from the United States as unfair and said they amounted to discrimination against 150 million people.

The US government has announced that travellers from 14 countries, including Nigeria, are to be subjected to extra checks including body pat-downs, after a young Nigerian was accused of trying to blow up a US jet on Christmas Day.

But Nigeria Information Minister Dora Akunyili said that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, did not have a history of terrorism and such a move could not be justified.

“It is unfair to include Nigeria on the US list for tighter screening because Nigerians do not have terrorist tendencies,” Ms Akunyili said.

“It is unfair to discriminate against over 150 million people because of the behaviour of one person.”

A 23-year-old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, has been accused of trying to trigger an explosion on the Northwest Airlines plane with chemicals which had been stitched into his underwear.

“Abdulmutallab’s behaviour is not reflective of Nigerians and should therefore not be used as a yardstick to judge all Nigerians,” Ms Akunyili said.

“He was not influenced in Nigeria. He was not recruited or trained in Nigeria. He was not supported whatsoever in Nigeria.”

Prosecutors say that Abdulmutallab tried to carry out the attack after undergoing training by Yemen-based militants who have said they were behind the plot.

Based on a 2003 survey, 50.5% of the people of Nigeria are Muslim.  While Abdulmutallab was only in Nigeria for a brief moment, Nigeria failed to use the four U.S. gifted full-body scanners intended for its international airports.  Traveling to the United States is not a right, it is a privilege we afford the world.  As a nation, we have a right to secure our borders by any means necessary… period.  If you don’t like profiling, than don’t visit the United States.  As an American citizen, I don’t care if you think it “unfair” that travelers from Nigeria may now face additional security checks and that we are profiling.

Profiling is based on demographics; it is taking known information and extrapolating that data  with its distinctive characteristics to generate ‘profiles’ as to the likelihood of an individual committing an atrocity.  In this instance, we know that terrorists are generally young (in their 20′s or 30′s), male, of Arab ancestry and Muslim.  As an American citizen, if you don’t like the fact you may face minor delays in airport boarding because you fit these demographics, then I suggest you visit some other country.  Frankly, we do not care.

America Rising: The Taking Back of America

Posted by courage On January - 4 - 2010
With frustrated hearts, troubled thoughts we are taking back America through determination and our God given  right to FREEDOM.

Cornhusker Kickback Senator Nelson: “Call Off the Dogs”

Posted by courage On January - 3 - 2010


Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) reached out Thursday evening to South Carolina GOP Attorney General Henry McMaster, the leader of a group of 13 Republican state attorneys general who are threatening to file suit against the Senate health care bill, and urged him to forgo any legal action, POLITICO has learned.

According to a copy of a memo sent by McMaster’s chief of staff to other GOP state attorneys general detailing the call, Nelson asked McMaster to “call off the dogs,” a reference to recent threats by the state AGs to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Medicaid provision in the bill that benefits Nebraska at the expense of other states.  (emphasis mine)

Isn’t it interesting that questioning the Constitutionality of the health care legislation is considered at threat?  Considering that Congress is required to take an oath to uphold the Constitution, why would the Senator feel concerned enough to contact the Attorney General of South Carolina?  Of course we know what led up this…

Under the terms of a deal Nelson cut with Senate leaders to secure his crucial vote for the health care package, Nebraska would be exempted from having to pay for the coverage of its new Medicaid enrollees—leaving the federal government to pick up the tab. The deal is expected to cost the federal government $100 million over the next 10 years.

It should be noted that the exemption carries no expiration date, meaning that the other 49 states will be picking up the tab forever on all new Medicaid enrollees in Nebraska.  Cornhusker Nelson may have thought this a grand display of his political backroom talents but almost immediately after the Senate vote, Nelson was was shown losing by 31% against any challenger.  Seems that even Nebraskans who would benefit for this slick maneuver were not pleased with this overt misuse of  power.

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TSA Rescends Subpoenas Against Two Journalist Bloggers

Posted by courage On January - 1 - 2010

midway-airport-codeCan it get any more bizarre?   And does anyone in this Administration have a clue as to what they are doing?

The Department of Homeland Security‘s Transportation Security Administration has withdrawn subpoenas ordering two journalists to turn over all documents and e-mails related to how they obtained TSA security regulations that temporarily restricted passenger movement and activities on international flights.

The security directive was issued in the wake of a failed terrorist attack on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas day.

The TSA informed Chris Elliott and Steve Frischling, two travel bloggers, on New Year’s Eve that the subpoenas the agency had issued Tuesday were being withdrawn. An agency spokeswoman said that the subpoenas were being rescinded because the investigation into the leak of the security directive was “nearing a successful conclusion.”


Both Elliott and Frischling had published the TSA’s new security measures on their Web sites. The security restrictions, which the TSA had disseminated widely to thousands of travel industry representatives and to many of its own 50,000 employees, were quickly ridiculed by bloggers, news organizations and security experts as an overreaction that was potentially counter-productive. (emphasis mine)

The administration issues an email blast to the world, then gets ticked because some find the new security protocol ridiculous and begin a harassment campaign targeting two bloggers. Again we have this administration pulling the Chicago-thug politics  out of its administration hat and threatening individuals to remain silent. Have we entered the Twilight Zone and if not, does the the administration throw whatever it can think of at a crisis and hopes something sticks.  You take your choice which is the correct answer because anyway you look at it, it spells incompetency to the highest degree.

Hey White House I have a suggestion which has been proven to work quite well… follow the Israeli protocol.  Now admittedly, these protocols do not guarantee safety, because anyone with any sense knows that without taking away our freedom you can not guarantee security. Lets take a look at how Israel handles airport security:

1.  The Israelis have plain clothes security walking throughout the airport looking for suspicious behavior.

2.  Israeli screeners engage in conversation with every person who passes through the baggage check area.  When suspicious behavior is detected security is called and the passenger receives additional questioning.

3.  They profile people <gasp> and single them out for additional questioning.  Any dope knows that pulling grandma from line randomly is not going to increase safety.  Israel uses common sense, a mix of intuition and training to be able to detect potential terrorists.  And yes, they profile by race, singling out those that have Arab based on name or physical appearance.  As stated by Ariel Merari, an Israeli terrorism expert, “it would be foolish not to use profiling when everyone knows that most terrorists come from certain ethnic groups. They are likely to be Muslim and young, and the potential threat justifies inconveniencing a certain ethnic groups.

4.  Passengers are checked against a computerized list.  The master list is derived from the Israeli Minister of the Interior, Israeli police and Interpol.

Most reading this would think these all reasonable suggestions and would go a long way to providing better security… will the administration use them, probably not because they make sense.

Happy New Year 2010 !

Posted by courage On January - 1 - 2010

Statue of liberty fireworksThe welcoming of the New Year traditionally begins with a retrospective analysis of the previous year, culminating with resolutions focused on positive actions we hope to initiate as we embark on a New Year.

From my perspective the previous year has been one of awakening; the casting off of limiting self-identities and the emergence of a more inclusive understanding of how I interact with my world.  I have traveled from the victim laden identity of Democrat to the freeing identity of PUMA, which has evolved to the embracing and more accurate understanding of me as a Patriot.

The previous year has further solidified my redefinition of political correctness.  Where once I thought PC as catalysis for change, I know see most instances where it is applied as attempts to silence honest discussion.  Far too often the PC police will move from a logic based discussion to a rant, filled with name calling and attempts to shame my particular perspective and truth into submission.

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