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Chicago and the NON-Olympics

Posted by courage On October - 3 - 2009

IOCI admit yesterday’s IOC vote gave me HOPE.  Not that fuzzy undefined HOPE which has been the popular branding mark of the current narcissistic leader but rather that others in the world understand the interwoven corruption that spews from the sewers of Chicago politics.  I was raised in the Chicago area, throughout my life I watched as pay-for-play was standing operating procedure, how the level of corruption and backroom deals are taken to new lows and how in the end.. it is the citizens that are penalized and harmed through ineffective government and hiring practices which advance less deserving in favor of patronage hiring’s.

And this is where the fringe media has it wrong, in their insolated bubble of Obama praise, they fail to see what people who live this in the metro area KNOW… IF Chicago received the games… the money, corruption and pay-for-play deals would have extended to each and every aspect of government and quasi-government agency.  Those in the fringe media thought the glee some felt upon hearing the news had to do with an Obama failure.  They still fail to grasp how American citizens can not walk lockstep with every utterance Obama speaks.  They (the fringe media as well as the Ultra-Left) cannot understand how responsibility whether personal, fiscal or moral are important  to many in the Untied States.

Those glad that Chicago did not receive the IOC nod are filled with HOPE that the corrupt rusty wheels, which seem unstoppable, have been ground to a halt, at least for this one moment in time.  Now granted, the corruption which undoubtedly would have infiltrated the financial core of the games may not have been the reason that the IOC in their wisdom shunned Chicago.  Yet for this long time area resident, I hope the veneer of political propriety was striped away.

Chicago has grave financial challenges, a $519.7 million shortfall in its budget for 2010.  See here… Yep that’s almost a half a billion dollars.  Lay-offs have occurred, as have mandatory unpaid days off for city workers.  The public school budget for the 2009-2010 school year is a $475 million shortfall.  WOW, “the city that works,” can’t seem to balance its budget.  Fiscal responsibility is not a trait embraced by the Chicago, nor Illinois, heck for that matter even the Federal government.

So yep.. I am glad Chicago got the boot in the first round.

In fact I believe the entire entourage of Michelle Obama, Oprah, Rich Daley, Valerie Jarrett owe the US taxpayers money and should reimburse all costs associated with their little vacation.  Gee I know it was such a “sacrifice,” as Michelle Obama  stated:

“As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days,” the first lady told a crowd of people involved in the Chicago project, “so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home.”

Yea right sacrifice, does anyone else see the absurdity in this statement?

Yep.. I’m very glad Chicago lost the games, as well as hopeful that the veneer of politics as usual is being peeled away to expose the underbelly of corruption.. NOW that hope I can believe in !

Congratulations RIO… I hope it works out well for you !