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“This is the crown jewel of Socialism!”

Posted by courage On October - 31 - 2009


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Did you heard what the Congresswoman said?  Do you realize the implications?

“In the last year the Federal Government has

taken over 30% of private wealth in this country.”

I’ve been saying for months, the shyster politicians are lying when they say, “you will be able to keep you present health care IF you like it.”  Congresswomen Bachmann tells you that is a bold face LIE, page 92.  Is this what you want, a Government filled with deception .. because my friends that is what is happening before our eyes.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. Plato 429-347 B.C

Use the letters in the “Sample Letter” bar on the top toolbar.  Send elected officials snail mail to local offices, email them, if possible fax… try to do at least two of these.  MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Patriots Call To Pens… New Features

Posted by courage On October - 31 - 2009


Okay, I get it.  Some feel uncomfortable writing letters..  trust me I get it.  Look at the very top of the tool bar, you will see a link which says  “Sample Letters.”    Roll your mouse over this area and you will see various sample letters which you can copy and paste in to either an email or word document to your elected officials.

I offer these as a courtesy to readers.  These letters are free use property to all patriots, use part of a letter or use the entire thing.. I don’t care… what I do care about is you taking a brief few minutes of your time and contacting your elected officials.

In fact, if you have a letter you have written and would like to offer it to readers here.. you can either copy and paste the letter in the comment section of this post or send it along in the second new feature the contact link also on the very top tool bar.

The time is NOW to make your voices heard!

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.

John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775

Brief excerpts from the  sample letters:

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Some Times the Small Things, Mean A Lot.. DC 912

Posted by courage On October - 28 - 2009

With all the news seeping from the Washington sewers;  the health care bill,  the Poser-in-Chief signing the Hate Crimes bill  and the House Judiciary Committee holding hearing on multi-million dollar professional football players and their higher than average likelihood to suffer from dementia. Where is the concern over our soldiers being killed and the lack of any action to support the ground troops.. am I the only American who feels like beating her head against my desktop?

For one brief moment I was satisfied that we were a part of this history making event….

h/t Logistic Monster




1st Session

H. RES. 870

Expressing gratitude and appreciation to the individuals and families who participated in the Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12, 2009.

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For Your Listening Pleasure…

Posted by courage On October - 25 - 2009

Ain’t Gonna Treat Your Heart No Longer

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And a clip he produced which has gone viral.. meaning over one million You Tube hits:


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Reagan From the 50′s

Posted by courage On October - 22 - 2009

h/t to geno for sending this along

Sometimes we need only look to history, to understand the present.

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Obama’s Lies… 7 in Under Two Minutes

Posted by courage On October - 21 - 2009

You Lieh/t  Atlas Shrugs

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These lies were before the General Election, how many since?

United Nations Global Climate Treaty.. COPS

Posted by courage On October - 20 - 2009

Earth Outer Space

Here is the radio interview that Glenn Beck did yesterday with Lord Monckton on the United Nations COPS treaty.

From the interview, the purpose of the Treaty…

“… a vast transfer of wealth from the West to poorer countries, in the name of  what is called reparations for climate debt..”

What will be the cost to the United States?

“… up to 2% of the GDP every year to poorer countries..”

Listen to the interview:

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I forgive Lord Monckton for misstating the Article of the Constitution which deals with ratification of Foreign Treaties.. it’s Article 5.

The interview continues…

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John Holdren who Lord Monckton speaks about near the end of the clip is the advisor czar to President Obama for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology.

If Not Now, WHEN?

Posted by courage On October - 18 - 2009

How many times have you been laughed at, ridiculed or been shown outright contempt simply because you have chosen to actively voice concerns regarding the direction of this great country?  How many times have you been told that writing Congress is a waste of your time?  Or that it’s hopelessly naïve to even think that one citizen’s voice has any impact on legislation?  How many times have you heard from those who are complacent regarding the fundamental principles of FREEDOM in this country, that no matter what you do, it just doesn’t matter?

At what point does malfeasance by the elected bodies that are sworn to uphold the Constitution create significant concern to propel someone to action?  What does it take to underscore the threat of our freedom and liberty to finally reach a point a point of saturation?  When does it become significantly personal to raise the internal alarm, where no amounts of irrational justification can still the growing sound?  Sadly, the tipping point of anxiety may come when it is far too late to challenge the grievances; by the time most Americans awake from the complacent slumber they embrace the United States, as well as the founding principles of this great country may be but a distant memory.

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