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Cash for Clunkers: OR Just Trash Policy?

Posted by courage On August - 23 - 2009

The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or affectionately known as “cash for clunkers” program was infused with $1 billion dollars from Congress, originally this money was to last until November.  Everyone knows this program was presented by Congress and the current Administration as a keen economic move to assist the car companies and by proxy the union auto workers.

The monetary scheming of Congress was a bit off; the money was exhausted within a week.  Congress thought the program such a wonderful success they infused the program with an additional $2 billion dollars, scheduling this new infusion of cash to fund the program through Labor Day.  Again, the shortsighted Congress miscalculated, the program is now to end August 24, 2009, as the funding is currently exhausted. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Anything but Free… Removing Privacy in Organizing!

Posted by courage On August - 23 - 2009

no-vote_no-futureThe “Employee Free Choice Act” H.R. 1409 has already passed the House, currently the Senate version S.560 is in committee.

Perhaps I possess a unique perspective on this legislation, since I have been a union member for over the twenty-eight (28) years.  During these years I have been extremely active in the governance of my union (BRAC, now under the umbrella organization of the IAM) holding numerous official positions including: Recording Secretary, Vice President, President, and Local Chairperson at my facility. Read the rest of this entry »