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Senate Energy Bill… Give-Aways and Enticements

Posted by courage On August - 2 - 2010

The House cap and trade bill is a disaster. Many, myself included, hoped this bad legislation which passed the House would wither on the vine, especially after email-gate broke. Anyone paying attention heard Harry Reid make statements that cap and trade in the Senate is dead, I sighed in relief.

But wait, the Senate last week unveiled their version of this draconian legislation, shorter in length but no less harmful to the freedom, liberty and fiscal well-being of the American people.

Poison Pill: The New Senate Energy Bill
By Brain Sussman

The latest Senate energy bill, quietly unveiled last week, looks like sweet compromise on radical measures like cap and trade, but buried within is a bitter poison pill that will could be swallowed in a vote that may come this week.

Unlike the 1,200-page House of Representatives energy bill, which passed last year, this scaled-down proposal does not call for an 83-percent reduction in greenhouse gases (or any reduction in greenhouse gases) and contains no mention of a cap-and-trade scheme. Also contrary to the House bill, this one does not provide a family of four earning up to $55,000 with a monthly stipend — deposited directly into their bank accounts — to offset higher energy costs. It also does not supply three years of unemployment benefits at 70 percent of former wages — plus job retraining and relocation — to those whose jobs are shipped overseas, as prescribed in the House bill.

Instead, at a glance (which is the way most in Congress ever seem to examine legislation), this bill appears rather easy to take. Most of its 357 pages are devoted to sections entitled “Oil Spill Response,” “Reducing Oil Consumption,” “Improving Energy Security,” and “Protecting the Environment.” There’s even a portion devoted to further grill BP via subpoena power. With sugar-coating like this, the sixty votes necessary to pass seem possible.

However, beneath the glaze, there’s a clot of overpowering government spending and social engineering.

For example, electric vehicles are pushed via the bill’s “Promoting Electric Vehicles Act of 2010.” No surprise here, particularly since the government has a 61% stake in General Motors and Chevy’s electro-mobile, the Volt. Besides this Act allowing the feds to spend $25 million on new electric cars for their official fleet, there’s an astounding electric car welfare program. Section 2116 explains that 400,000 such vehicles will be virtually given away at low cost — or perhaps no cost — to people living in “selected communities diverse in population” and “demographics.”

Additionally, pages 264-265 require that any new construction or remodel of an existing structure must include the installation of proper hookups for charging an electric vehicle. So even if you have no intention of owning such a car, adding that extra bedroom will require you to spend additional money to install battery-charging infrastructure in your garage.

Take the time to read the rest of this article at the link above.  Consider this, what will happen if the American people choose not to take advantage of these incentives or that the percentage of people is far below what the government expects?

To get up-to-speed on cap and trade see the link above for additional articles.

Mike Pence On Patriots and the First Amendment

Posted by courage On July - 29 - 2010

Nothing more needs to be said…

LAS VEGAS – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seeking to console liberal activists who were disappointed by the final version of the national health care law, assured them that there would eventually be a public option.

“We’re going to have a public option,” Reid said. “It’s just a question of when.”

Is this a surprise to anyone?  And it only gets better (from a progressive standpoint,) worse if you are a freedom loving American.  Reid as well as most Democrats continually sing the mantra that Social Security is “not broke.”  A classic case of progressives altering the meaning of commonly held words to suit their twisted ideology.  Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention knows the federal government has been pillaging the “trust” fund for decades to pay for other budget items/programs.

During a question and answer session, Reid also argued against “fear tactics of those who say Social Security is going broke. It’s not.”

“Social Security is the most successful social program in the history of the world,” he said.

My own infamous Representative Pete-I-love-Pork-Visclosky has made the same exact statement during town hall forums.  There must be a Democratic handbook which offers these buffoons talking points in order to bamboozle the American people.  What the Democrats refuse to acknowledge is that social security is hemorrhaging for the first time this year.

A report from the Congressional Budget Office shows that for the first time in 25 years, Social Security is taking in less in taxes than it is spending on benefits.

I’m thinking many of you had already heard that concerning news.

The money, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will completely run out in 2039.  Allow me to remind you that the CBO  inherently under-reports cost analysis of government programs. When projecting future economic trends the CBO adjusts numbers based on the assumption of growth in the economy including increases in the workforce, increased taxation, and uses other variables none of which are based in concrete facts.

In 2005, for example, CBO projected that Medicare would cost $1.5 trillion in 2050. Two years later, in 2007, the same CBO projected that this cost would reach $2.8 trillion in 2050. And in 2009, it projected that the cost would be $3 trillion instead. In other words, the program’s projected cost doubled in four years.

Nothing the CBO states as fact can be relied on as to any future reality.  Notoriously  all of government has mislead the American people in cost analysis, because they cannot predict what will happen 2 years from now and any assumptions are purely speculation.

The Social Security “trust” fund is in BIG trouble, it’s time we face this fact and figure out what to do.  The Dems want you living in a false reality, because they do not believe the American people can grasp, understand and accept the truth.  It’s time they stop coddling and become stateswomen/men, displaying honest fact based concern for the people they are elected to represent.

During the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings, Lindsey Graham was the only Judiciary Committee Republican to vote “yea” and sanctioned the confirmation process to move forward.  On the Senate floor Graham chided the Chamber and indeed the American public that “Elections have consequences.”

My question then and now, does that make you the enforcer of those consequences?

The apparent answer is.. yes.  Graham believes himself the omnipotent father wielding consequences through his votes.

Whether Justice Sotomayor deserved confirmation is up for debate, one thing though is clear she did have an extensive record of judiciary decisions to base her qualifications as a potential Supreme Court judge.

Not so with the current nominee Elena Kagan, who has no record of judiciary decisions to base a judgment on whether she should be granted a life-long seat on the Supreme Court.  I have previously discussed concerns surrounding Kagan in this post.

The short version of those concerns can be stated as NO.  Kagan has shown  strong beliefs in the ideology of “the common good, supersedes the private good.”  She believes this “common good” extends to your dinner table as well as the books you read.

But never mind those concerns, Graham broke ranks with other Republican Judiciary Committee members and again voted “yea” to move the nomination forward.  The enforcer of consequences (Graham) allowed the pResident to proclaim bi-partisan committee approval.  I’ve had it with Graham, who I consider a RHINO.

Senator Graham, do you have any principle which would you would not forsake in order to further the progressive agenda?  Do you even stop to consider what the consequences of your actions may have on the American people?  Or do you believe that as freedom is lost it will propel people through fear of forsaken liberty to vote Republican?

Lindsey Graham is up for reelection in 2014, operatives in the South Carolina Republican party are saying he will face a primary challenge, “It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘who’ and ‘how many.”

I hope that Graham finds out the hard way, yes elections have consequences and so do the votes he makes.

3 Reasons Why the Financial “Reform” Bill is Worthless

Posted by courage On July - 7 - 2010

As you watch the following clip ask yourself, how competent has the government been in administrating control over anything?  Think about the boondoggle in the Gulf, or Freddie and Fannie the housing giants which are sinking in perpetual red or the stimulus package which has failed to “jump start” the economy.  The list of failures extend in to long held government initiatives such as the “War on Poverty” to the Department of Education, failures in achieving even the slightest semblance of what they were designed to do.

Can a government led watchdog group monitor the financial industry?  If “too big to fail” companies are given immunity and free reign, knowing the government will bail them out for poor decisions, will they honestly work toward fiscally sound stewardship?  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with their “progressive” business model, played a major role in the economic collapse of the market.  Why is strict oversight in these two now government agencies not in the proposed bill?  Of course for those who may not be aware, both agencies have been given an open checkbook by the federal government as their bottom line bleeds red.

So what is the purpose of this bill?  What unintended consequences will result should this pass?  We only need look to the credit bill which passed, interest rates skyrocketed for many individuals.  Congress has yet to address this issue which effects the everyday lives of people, they are to busy looking to see what sector of the economy they can control next.

YouTube Preview Image

To see the manner in which the government extended oversight to Fannie and Freddie see this post.

Pelosi: Unemployment Benefits are a Job Creator

Posted by courage On July - 2 - 2010

Who knew that unemployment benefits created jobs?  Sometimes you just can’t make up the inane things that spill from elected officials mouths.

YouTube Preview Image
“It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”I wonder if the Speaker also thinks that other programs are also “job creators?”  You know things like hmm say, food stamps and welfare; do they also create jobs?  Oh maybe she’s talking about creating government jobs to process the paperwork that goes along with various program.  Naw, that would make too much sense.

Senate Passes “Doctor Fix” … But We Passed Heath Care?

Posted by courage On June - 20 - 2010

Didn’t we just go through a year plus of health care reform?  You remember.. hearings broadcast daily on C-Span, television cameras filming every closed door meeting, Congress critters putting the interests of their constituents first.  What, you don’t remember this hoopla?  <snapping fingers> That’s right, I was thinking of an episode of the Twilight Zone.

During a town hall forum, I asked my non-representative Pete Visclosky why Dr. Fix was not included in the health care legislation?  Shouldn’t the payment to doctors for medical services provided under Medicare be a basic consideration in any health care “reform?”  Well, payment to doctors was not included in the “reform” law, imagine that.  In order to keep the final tally under $1 trillion, payment to doctors was conveniently forgotten.  But have no fear, on Friday the Senate passed “Dr. Fix.”

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Senator Harry Reid is a Buffoon

Posted by courage On June - 3 - 2010

From the Washington Times:

During a press conference last Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, told reporters about a bipartisan amicus brief to the Supreme Court supporting the right of military families to bury the remains of their loved ones without being protested. I asked Mr. Reid if the same right to privacy should extend to private citizens whose homes are protested by public unions. Mr. Reid dodged the issue saying, “I don’t know anything about lawns and Bank of America executives.”

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, why would Reid know anything about the SEIU workers who stormed the home of a Bank of America lawyer and protested on his front lawn?  This act of terrorism by SEIU thugs was widely reported on by the media when it happened.

Are these congresscritters that disconnected from what is happening in this country or is his feigned ignorance because SEUI is intimately tied to the Democratic party and could be considered the enforcement arm of the party?

In any case.. Senator Reid, you are a buffoon!