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Hideaway in Rockford Illinois

Posted by courage On February - 25 - 2011

Now this is some smart tourism marketing… enjoy!

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Illinois  should offer itself as the sanctuary state for all wayward cowardly Democrats.  The Hoosier Indy Democrats are still AWOL.

Feds May File Suit Against States: Backdoor Union Card Check

Posted by courage On January - 15 - 2011

Back in August of 2009,  I wrote my opposition to the proposed legislation called “The Employee Free Choice Act,” legislation which would remove secret ballot from union organizing.  This legislation introduced in early March 2009 by Democrats high on their election wins and was an effort to payback union organizers who helped them gain control of Congress and the White House.  The card check legislation never made it out of the House committee and is sitting where all horrendous  freedom limiting proposed legislation should be, in the trash heap.

What is becoming common to the Obama administration are attempts to institute law through the Executive branch by having departments and agencies write new rules, in essence creating laws which have never passed Congress. Heck what do we need Congress for anyway?   This administration appears to believe they alone know what is right direction for the country and if Congress cannot or won’t do their bidding KING Obama will make it so…

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Unions Suck !

Previously I have identified as a card carrying union member, don’t hold this against me; I have no choice in the matter I work in a closed shop.  For years I honestly thought unions were a good thing, protecting workers and such… yet unions are no longer about the average Jane or Joe worker.. they have become big business and are concerned most about the dues they collect and the members they can scrap in to their dismal pension programs.  Last week I wrote about the proposed tax on “premium”  health care packages and how that was going to affect union workers.

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SEIU Illegal Voter Fraud in Fresno.. Homecare Workers

Posted by courage On November - 16 - 2009

From the National Union of Healthcare Workers:

Among the illegal tactics reported:

  • SEIU staff tampered with workers’ ballots, by voiding the ballots of workers who marked their ballot for NUHW, and by collecting ballots directly from workers’ mailboxes.
  • Senior SEIU officials instructed staff to handle ballots in violation of election rule, and advised staff on how to do so in a way that was legally deniable.
  • SEIU organizers threatened Latino caregivers that SEIU would “call immigration” and have them deported in retaliation unless they voted for SEIU.
  • SEIU officials instructed staff to threaten and lie to voters that they would lose their  wages, their health insurance, and even their jobs unless they voted for SEIU.

This underscores the very reasons why I believe The Employee Free Choice should never pass.  Read my article on this legislation here.

Unions care only about their membership numbers, centering on the amount they can receive from monthly dues and mandatory pension  contributions.  If the Employee Free Choice Act should ever pass the Senate, those now free to make choices will find themselves under the weight of these corrupt organizations.

For further info on SEIU and their push to force individuals on to their member rolls see:

Sister Blog One Nerve Left: Unionizing Parents of the Disabled.

and here.. Update on Final Vote.

Unions Pushing Their Agenda

Posted by courage On October - 17 - 2009

H/T to One Nerve Left: Coming to a home near you… SEIU

One Nerve lays out how providers of home health care for loved ones are being forced in to join a union, read her article at the link above.  First Illinois, will Indiana follow suit?  Who knows but those that believe unions have the best interest of members at heart are sadly mistaken.  Unions have become big business; they exchange manufactured products which traditional business markets for a sliver of the rank and files toil or would that be soul?  Unions have long since quit negotiating for their members, their sole concern is the percentage of dues they can extort from each members pay monthly.  Just look at these home health care providers and see what the pay-out is to the unions.

What would the unions get for this new responsibility if the 3,000 families voted to be represented?

“They’d get 2 percent of whatever the state sends us,” Harris said. “And if I chose not to be a member, I’d still have to pay my ‘fair share.’ “

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Unions Want Another Stimulus Package

Posted by courage On August - 30 - 2009

The summer IAM (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO) Journal featured a 9-page cover story entitled “JOBS NOW!”  Looking at this statement, how can anyone disagree?  No one could argue that having a job is a bad thing; it allows an individual the opportunity to make choices in life.  The disturbing aspect of this particular issue of the IAM is the union’s advocacy of a second stimulus package.

When I first read this issue of the IAM journal, I felt at a basic gut level that something was not right.  There has to be some intricate piece of the puzzle, I am missing.  Through the years I could not remember the union (whether the IAM or TCU or its lowest common denominator BRAC) taking such a forefront advocacy position on this gigantic of new legislation.  The union’s promotion of a second stimulus package was re-enforced with tear-out postcards addressed to the “friends” of Labor (sic) Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi.

The more I shake my head at what is occurring in Washington with our elected officials, the more a tiny voice in me says, “follow the money.”

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