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Trump and Eminent Domain.. Liberty Only Goes So Far

Posted by courage On April - 24 - 2011

Michelle Malkin:

Too many mega-developers like Trump have achieved success by using and abusing the government’s ability to commandeer private property for purported “public use.” Invoking the Fifth Amendment takings clause, real-estate moguls, parking-garage builders, mall developers, and sports-palace architects have colluded with elected officials to pull off legalized theft in the name of reducing “blight.” Under eminent domain, the definition of “public purpose” has been stretched like Silly Putty to cover everything from roads and bridges to high-end retail stores, baseball stadiums, and casinos.

While casting himself as America’s new constitutional savior, Trump has shown reckless disregard for fundamental private-property rights. In the 1990s, he waged a notorious war on elderly homeowner Vera Coking, who owned a little home in Atlantic City that stood in the way of Trump’s manifest land development. The real-estate mogul was determined to expand his Trump Plaza and build a limousine parking lot — Coking’s private property be damned. The nonprofit Institute for Justice, which successfully saved Coking’s home, explained the confiscatory scheme:

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Donald Trump: Who is He?

Posted by courage On April - 20 - 2011

Nice Deb has a great write up about Donald Trump, complete with supporting links.  While I find Trump’s leap into the Obama birth certificate issue interesting, Trump is NO friend to liberty minded people.  In the last election cycle Trump donated money to Harry Reid’s campaign as he battled against Sharon Angle.  Anyone who would support Reid financially in his bid for re-election is NO friend to freedom or liberty.

After watching an unknown and  unvetted candidate win the last election, one would think that liberty minded people would be apprehensive of egotistical candidates popping onto the scene.  Check out Nice Deb’s link above and find out about the Donald.. as far as I’m concerned this false patriot is fired.

Will Trump be the stumble that dooms the Tea Party?

Trump, all bluster and bouffant, apotheosizes the dangers of co-option and conspiratorial irrelevance which could make the Tea Party stumble. For all his outsider claims, the New York celebrity has a great deal in common with the worst visions of sleazy cult-of-personality politicians. Writing amidst the Socialist revolution in France in the mid-1800s, Alexis de Tocqueville warned against a creature, a “half ape, half jackal,” who “remained silent while the majority were making up their minds,” and as soon as he judged a decision made, “rushed to place himself at their head, and often went far beyond them.” More than 150 years later, this species still exists.

Anne Barnhardt Takes it to Senator Lindsey Graham

Posted by courage On April - 6 - 2011

Anyone who heard Senator Graham on Face the Nation had to wonder why “journalist” Bob Schieffer did not follow up and ask Graham IF he was suggesting  free speech be banned in the United States.  Graham seems to suggest that the burning of the Koran in the United States should be banned.

Listen for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

Personally I was appalled by Graham’s statements but this reply by Anne Barnhardt pretty well sums up my feelings:

YouTube Preview Image

Jackass, indeed!  You go gal, your ovaries are bigger than any peanuts Graham may have.

Obama Cedes Commander-In-Chief to “Others”

Posted by courage On March - 23 - 2011

I am beyond words.  We have NO business bombing Libya.  If some of the Arab nations want the fighting between its nut-job leader Gaddafi and opposition forces to end, how about this,  let them do the dirty deed.  And why are we bombing Libya.. humanitarian reasons they say but that flies in the face of decade long genocide that continues in places like Darfur and Sudan to name two.  Or how about just today Syria murdered 6 of its citizens today during a protest.  Will this be the next no-fly zone?

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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Posted by courage On March - 23 - 2011

From Parental Rights:

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, often called the CRC or the UNCRC, is an international convention seeking to establish “civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights [for] children.” After ratifying or acceding to it, nations are bound to the CRC by international law.

Imagine if your national government had the audacity to appoint a “guardian” to monitor your child from birth, charged with the legal responsibility to evaluate your decisions as a parent and armed with the legal authority to “intervene, prevent or rectify” any violations of your child’s rights. Public and private schools alike are policed by the national government, and classes begin with singing about the principles of peace, tolerance, and the United Nations. Your child’s confidential medical records, stored in a nation-wide electronic register from birth until age twenty, can be accessed at any time, without your knowledge, by any physician, teacher, or government social worker in the nation.

Now stop imagining, because for parents in the 193 countries that have ratified the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, each of these scenarios is true.

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The Left’s Hate and Threats of Death

Posted by courage On March - 10 - 2011

Update at end, the violence continues.

As a Tea Party Patriot I believe in freedom and fiscal responsibility, because of this belief I’ve been called a racist.  While at local rallies, I witnessed MoveOn attempt to instigate violence with aggressive, in your face screaming and I am called a hate monger.  The former Speaker of the House accused American people concerned about the direction of their country of being astroturf.  A madman creates horrendous violence in Arizona and the local sheriff immediately blames patriots with no proof.  Yes at every turn Tea Party Patriots have been villanized, with no substantial proof.   Even the supposed incident which happened in D.C. during the health care debate, where Representatives were allegedly called the “n-” word was NEVER verified even though a $100K reward was offered for proof.  All false accusations.

What we know with absolute certainty is the left uses violent rhetoric and actions without any hint of decency.  Continually they make threats and here is the latest, directly after the “tolerant left.”  This email was sent to Wisconsin Senators after their vote to limit collective bargaining.

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John Bolton at CPAC on US Foreign Policy

Posted by courage On February - 13 - 2011

John Bolton goes where no CPAC speakers dared to tread, foreign policy.  The more I hear Bolton speak, the more I like him.

Hear his speech here.

Ronald Reagan: On His 100th Birthday

Posted by courage On February - 6 - 2011

“A Time For Choosing” – The speech Ronald Reagan gave on behalf of Sen. Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign. Sen. Goldwater did not prevail, but this speech launched Mr. Reagan’s political career.

In three years, he was Governor Ronald Reagan.

YouTube Preview Image

I was only six at the time of this speech in 1964.  The sentiments Reagan spoke then ring true today and has me wondering,”have we not learned?”

If you have never heard this entire speech, take 30 minutes of your time and listen. Are not many of the thoughts Reagan expressed, while backing Goldwater, not the same principles which fueled the advent of the Tea Party and the Patriot movement?