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Ignoring the Constitution and the Will of Voters

Posted by courage On July - 28 - 2010

The Massachusetts Legislature has approved a new law intended to bypass the Electoral College system and ensure that the winner of the presidential election is determined by the national popular vote.

“What we are submitting is the idea that the president should be selected by the majority of people in the United States of America,” Senator James B. Eldridge, an Acton Democrat, said before the Senate voted to enact the bill.

Wonder how the people of Massachusetts feel knowing that their vote for president may now be decided by individuals in major metropolitan areas, far removed from Massachusetts?

Under the law, which was enacted by the House last week, all 12 of the state’s electoral votes would be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally.

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It is amazing.. each week this administration must bear a new “crisis” of epic proportions, emergencies seem to define this White House.  Every policy initiative is framed in catastrophe with subtle threats that if the legislation is not passed the United States will collapse.  “Never waste a good crisis” or a manufactured one for that matter and this is what the White House under Obama does with unparalleled excellence; weekly Americans are hoisted directly in front of crisis with calls from the admin to act NOW !  The call for immediate action is stressed with vague ominousness foreboding because the result of what ever catastrophe about to occur is unimaginable.  In some circles this type of behavior would be considered psychological drama, the overreaching to create chaos for the purpose of attention or personal gain.

The latest psychological drama created by this pResident is for $50 billion in emergency aid to states and local governments.  Yesterday Obama urged in a letter to congressional leaders:

…the money is needed to avoid “massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters” and to support the still-fragile economic recovery.

…Obama defended last year’s huge economic stimulus package, saying it helped break the economy’s free fall, but argued that more spending is urgent and unavoidable. “We must take these emergency measures,” he wrote in an appeal aimed primarily at members of his own party. (emphasis mine)

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h/t CC297 from Northwest Indiana Patriots meetup site

WSBTV originating out of Atlanta, Georgia has put together three short videos which center on illegal immigration and border security in Arizona.  The true journalism displayed during these reports by Justin Farmer is rare in our current topsy-turvey  media coverage.  Each video is well worth the 3 minutes or so it takes to view them.

Video 1:

If they are apprehending 100′s each year from terrorist countries, how many are getting through our borders?

Video 2:

Why is the information surrounding OTM’s (other than Mexican’s) no longer available?  One would think that this information would be vital to our Congressional people who sit on Homeland Security committees, especially as they consider policy relating to border control.

Video 3:
The cost of detaining and deporting illegal immigrants, $2.6 billion/year.

With 1 in 5 of those caught illegally attempting to gain access to our country having criminal records, why is the pResident not focusing on solving this instead of debasing the Arizona law?